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Why We Use Firefox

Wed, Jul 22nd 2009 10:30 am

Coke or Pepsi? Blonde or brunette? Internet Explorer or Firefox?


What do you want from a web browser? 


Choosing your web browser may seem like a simple decision to some, but before you settle with Internet Explorer just because there's already a shortcut on your new PC (or Safari on a Mac), consider what you're really getting from your browser.




Safety is always an issue online. Why not use a browser that ensures maximum protection when you're surfing? Firefox will tell you when a site could be potentially hazardous and protects you from viruses, worms, and spyware.


Internet Explorer on the other hand is vulnerable to attacks. As of this July 14, 2009 article Microsoft had issued nine bulletins reporting "critical" updates to fix security vulnerabilities that included remote code execution which could potentially allow an attacker to take over your machine.


Get rid of annoying pop ups. Firefox offers a built-in pop-up blocker that asks if you would like to open a pop-up window and even lets you create a pop-up "allow" list that remembers which pop ups you are okay with.


Personalize Your Browser


Dress up your browser and surf the web in style with a custom theme that suits you. Firefox has hundreds of custom browser themes to choose from to fit your personality. IE does not have skinning capabilities, which means you cannot change the look of your browser safely.


Consider the features that are most useful to you. Firefox offers a plethora of add-ons that make it easy to customize your browser to fit all of your needs. Plus, with Firefox's Add-on Manager you can view ratings of add-ons, recommendations, screenshots, and in-depth descriptions before you download them.


IE offers add-ons as well but the information to help you decide is spare including very short product descriptions. IE's add-on manager offers ratings but very few reviews leaving you with only trial and error when deciding which add-ons to include in your tools.




Speed is key online. Firefox 3.5 is twice as fast as 3.0 meaning you will be able to open emails, photos, and more, faster.


PC World recently tested the latest browser speeds across eight test sites. While Google Chrome actually clocked in with the fastest page load time in five out of the eight sites tested at 1.699 seconds, Firefox 3.5 was a close second with 1.762 seconds. Internet Explorer 8 was a few steps behind at 1.833 seconds. The Firefox 3.5 time was an impressive improvement over its predecessor Firefox 3.0's previous page load time of 2.12 seconds, taking them from fourth to second place in the time trial.


Do you know what browser you're currently using?


Check your browser. If you're using Internet Explorer 6 then it's time for an upgrade. The internet is constantly evolving and that includes web browsers. Internet Explorer 8 was just released, which means if you're still using IE 6 then you're two versions behind. You want your pages to display all images and content properly, so take care of your browser and keep it up to date.


Why should you switch to Firefox?


Firefox has grown to become a leader in web browsers. According to, as of July 2009, 47.9% of users browse the internet using Firefox as compared to 14.4% who use Internet Explorer.


If speed, security, and customization are important to you on the web then consider all the features that Firefox has to offer.


You can download the latest version of Firefox here for FREE, and it only takes a few seconds.