360 PSG Presents:

Content Architecture, Modern Design Trends & Usability Workshop

April 24th @ 8:30am - 10am
360 PSG Office - 455 Commerce Drive, Amherst NY 14225

360 PSG will be presenting a workshop focused on Content Architecture, Modern Web Design Trends and Usability.  The workshop will be conducted by Dan Fritz (Director of Operations & Lead Project Manager) and Jessa Wolfe (Director of Creative).   

Content Architecture:

Today, websites are no longer a simple brochure websites that validate your business.  They are complex, with a large number of content pages and serve as the 1st impression to prospects, connection with current customers, platform to communicate your companies messaging and products.  If you are creating a new website from scratch or auditing the current content for a redesign; one of the 1st steps in creating a successful website is to organize your content with a clear sitemap that allows your visitors to easily navigate the website and find the information that they are looking for.  With this section of the workshop, Dan will be discussing processes for creating a sound Content Architecture.   

Modern Web Design Trends:

In web design, newer trends, techniques and layouts are created frequently, but what design trends are right for your business.  With this section of the workshop, Jessa will be discussing new design trends and why they should be implemented for business website. 


Usability is a buzzword today with website development.   As websites today serve as marketing tools and platforms for companies to communicate their messaging to their audiences, it is important for visitors to easily be able to find information that they are looking for.   With this section of the workshop, Jessa and Dan will be discussing how Content Architecture and Modern Design Trends together affect visitor experience and ultimately increase visitor engagement.