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Hiring: Web Application Programmer (PHP)

Are you a true coder? Do you have dreams at night that appear to you as PHP scripts? If so... keep reading.

Top 5 SEO Methods for 2015

Search Engine Optimization is a constantly changing field. 360 PSG is helping businesses stay up to date.

Google Partners Workshop Review

We had a great time this afternoon hosting our first ‪#‎GooglePartners‬ event!

How to's with Fission CMS: Embed a YouTube Video

Embedding a YouTube video with Fission CMS is quick and easy! Learn how here.

How-To's with Fission CMS: Duplicate an Existing Page

Learn here how to utilize a quick work-around to easily duplicate page content in Fission CMS.

How To's with Fission CMS: Change Notification Email Address

Find out how to Change Notification Email Addresses for your website forms in Fission CMS.

How-To's with Fission CMS: Add a Twitter Feed to my Site

Twitter offers a widget allowing you to Add A Twitter Feed to your website. This will display your latest tweets, let others easily follow. Here's how to add one with Fission CMS.

How-To's with Fission CMS: Add a Facebook Feed to my Site

Facebook offers users a number of different options in terms of widgets that you can add to your website. Here's how to add the feed with Fission CMS.

Categories: How To's

How-To's with Fission CMS: Embed or Link a Google Map

Google Maps is a free service that provides an interactive map of your location as well as directions to your business address. You have the option of embedding the map on your webpage, linking to the full size Google map, or even both!

Categories: How To's

Which Social Networks Are Right For Your Business? Part Four: "Audio Based Social Networks"

For the last few weeks, we've been highlighting various social networks in different categories, and how they might contribute to your company brand. This week, we focus on audio based social networks.

Which Social Networks Are Right For Your Business? Part Three: "Photo & Video Networks"

Is your brand highly visual? Does your product need to be seen to be sold? Do you have a really good looking team? Let's check out some social networks that are photo or video based and some high level benefits of using them.

Which Social Networks are Right for Your Business? Part Two: "The Overlooked"

Let's review a few social networks that are often overlooked, and how they can be useful to your business.

Which Social Networks are Right for Your Business? Part One: "The Big 3"

Do you know which social networks are right for your business? Have you determined if using any social networks is useful for your business? Let's run down some of the major ones and the categories they're in in a six-part blog post series.

Choosing a Content Management System that is Right for Your Business

Choosing a Content Management System can be as difficult of a decision to make as a design for a new website. Fortunately, help is available!

Categories: CMS

Why Learning Code is Important

Sure, it may not be a part of your job description, and you've gotten along just fine for years without touching any code. What would you even use it for if you did learn a programming language?

Alternative Advertising Platforms to Google Adwords

There's no shortage of alternative options to Google Adwords or Display ads for advertising your brand online. In this post, we explore those options at a high-level.

Categories: SEO / SEM

The Importance of RSS Feed and Sitemap Optimization

Learn about why RSS Feeds, XML Sitemaps and HTML Sitemaps are important for optimizing your website for search engines.

Categories: SEO / SEM , CMS

You Can Now Subscribe to 360PSG Blog & News Feed on RSS!

Do you use an RSS Feed aggregator like Feedly? Well, today you're in luck!

Categories: 360 News , Content

Reducing Your Website's Bounce Rate

Where do people go when they leave your website site? A visitor can "bounce" from your site in many different ways: by selecting a link to a page on a different site, clicking the "back" button in the web browser to leave your site, closing an open window or tab, typing in a new URL, or experiencing a session timeout.

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