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An empty cubicle in the back of an office building off of Commerce Dr. in Amherst, New York, sparked an idea at 360 PSG. What if members of the office filled the back cube with non perishables for the local food bank? With the holiday season approaching, 360 PSG wanted to do something to give back to their Buffalo community; this seemed to be the perfect way. 

The concept was simple: each member of the office would bring in non perishables to be collected for an undetermined food bank. Of course it would be a little friendly competition between each other. Work hard, play harder, right? The office just grabbed a piece of paper, wrote #FilltheCube and @360PSG on it, snapped a picture and uploaded the post to Twitter - a total normal day trying to drum up content. Within several minutes a local company wrote back that they loved the idea, wanted to participate and accepted the challenge. 


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Realizing this idea had the potential to do so much (maybe more than anyone ever anticipated) the 360 team decided to leverage what they had available to them - social media and the drive to help those in need during Thanksgiving. Armed with their good will and ideas, members of the office quickly got to work creating a website, social media accounts and reaching out to as many Buffalo companies as they could think of. 

Throughout the month of November, the team was able to collect 301 non perishables at a total of 260 pounds. Items ranged from canned goods, like tuna, green beans and soup, to rice, pasta and spaghetti sauce, mac and cheese, jello, mashed potatoes and so much more. The team decided to give the goods to The Food Bank of Western New York, who received the donations before Thanksgiving. 


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Members of 360 PSG felt happy to spread some good this Thanksgiving and have plans to continue this new tradition. Next year, their goal is to recruit more companies to get involved, and make a bigger impact for food banks whose food supply is increasingly stressed during the holidays. The team is planning another campaign that will start up around Christmas of this year as well. With hopes of this spreading throughout the Buffalo community (and one day beyond), all companies are encouraged to participate. This campaign was started as a way to do something for those in need this Thanksgiving. It proves that when people work together, amazing things are able to be accomplished. 


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For additional information, please visit Fill the Cube's official website and make sure to follow both Fill the Cube (@Fillthecube) and 360 PSG (@360PSG) on Twitter for updates. 

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