360 PSG Wins 2019 Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award

Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award winner

From the very beginning, it’s been our goal to help small businesses compete online with larger companies while constantly striving to do right by our clients and employees. After 14 years, we’re proud to say those same values have held true! It’s with our pleasure to share that the Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Association (BNBEA) has chosen to award us for these principles. That’s right--360 PSG has been recognized with the Crystal Award in the Small Business Category for the 13th annual Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Awards!

BNBEA is the go-to authority for business ethics in Western New York and recognizes companies in the area that exhibit ethical behavior throughout the community. The Crystal Award is given to three companies categorized by small, mid-sized, and large businesses.

What does it take to win the BNBEA award?

Once in the running, our team members put together a ton of documents, photos, and other materials to showcase our company principles and culture; this process started in the Fall of 2018 and lasted until the awards ceremony on May 16th, 2019. During this process, we were judged on almost every aspect of our business.

Entries for the BNBEA awards are evaluated by an independent panel of judges throughout a six-month process, based on:

  • A clear demonstration of the company’s executive commitment to ethics in communications from the CEO to its employees

  • A corporate code of ethics which demonstrates the company’s requirement for honesty, integrity, and compliance with the law

  • Clear communication of the company’s ethical standards, corporate culture, and its expectations of employees in company materials (i.e. employee handbook)

  • A clear indication that employees understand and accept the company’s ethical standards

  • A means for employees and customers to bring ethical concerns to the attention of management

  • A narrative description of business ethics in action as demonstrated by the company’s response to a specific challenge affecting its everyday operations

  • Consistent quality of products, services, and business practices

  • A corporate commitment to providing a safe work environment that is free from harassment or discriminatory behavior; and fosters growth and opportunity

  • A community commitment that is demonstrated by involvement in local, regional, or national issues, corporate philanthropy, and support of civic and charitable endeavors

360 PSG’s Winning Core Values

While we may have been vetted by a panel of judges for six months, our company values go way back. This award means so much to us because it’s recognition for the way we’ve operated since 360 PSG began!

There are five governing principles behind every decision we make, and they’re exactly what lead us to this point:

Always be innovating.

Technology and platforms are ever-changing and so must be the marketers who use them. In order to provide big solutions to small companies, we need to be ten steps ahead of the game.

Be responsive.

Timeliness is important. Whether it’s a client phone call or an internal email, prompt responses are a must when it comes to our team. If a problem can’t be solved immediately, it still requires a reply!

Do what you say, when you say it.

Our team operates with integrity. If we say a project will be completed at a certain time, you better believe we’ll do everything in our power to make it so. We’re all about setting the right expectations and then meeting them.

Show customers a smile every time.

When you love your job and work in a positive environment, the rest comes easy. We’re always pleasant with our customers because that’s our job--providing them with solutions, not problems. Our team is passionate about what they do, so if and when a problem arises, we’re totally cool with handling it with a smile.

We’re all on one team.

We’d be nowhere without our team. Each of our employees has their own talents and specialization that they use to support each other and our clients. We always operate with respect, whether it’s for a team member or client. It takes a village… or just one team of talented, ethical individuals!

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