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AI is quickly integrating itself into every aspect of life, both for people at work and in their personal lives. But is AI the future, or just another fad?

Marketing is the secret to improving your bottom line. With a regular review, you’ll be able to see a tangible increase and notice the return on the investment for yourself.

If your website takes longer to load than five seconds, consumers will leave immediately, taking their online search – and their money – elsewhere

Website accessibility makes a website easy to use for those with all types of disabilities, whether they are cognitive, neurological, physical, speech or auditory.

 In just a few months, Google Analytics Universal Analytics tags will stop gathering data. In its place, there will only be GA4, the newest iteration of the Google tool.

Once upon a time Google’s search algorithm relied on the density of keywords on a webpage, but not anymore.

It’s no secret: data is power. The real trick is looking at the right data. It’s important that you focus on data that’s accurate and actionable.

With millions of people across the country regularly using one or more social media platforms, it’s becoming essential for businesses to connect with customers there.

You might be thinking something like, “Redesign my website? I just got it redesigned,” or “My website still looks good; I don’t need to revamp it.” While redesigning or revamping your website every four to five years may seem like a big task – especially if your site is performing well – it’s something you still want to consider.

There’s a lot that goes into designing a new website, or even making updates to an already existing one. Here are four techniques to keep in mind while you’re planning, which will help you create an appealing site that will convert visitors to customers.

Elizabeth Snyder always wanted to be a photographer. She always knew it was what she was supposed to do. She fell in love with the art form as a little girl—in fact, a camera was the first Christmas present she can remember asking for. She got started in the business young. At just 8-years-old she was working side-by-side with her aunt in her darkroom, developing head shots.

Millennials have been accused of ruining everything from dinner dates to golf. While it may be laughable to consider their influence on things like napkins and mayonnaise, what is absolutely true is that this largest living adult generation is shifting the economy towards one based more on sharing than consuming. Because of this shift, services are a more significant component of the global economy, having increased more than 200 percent in the last 20 years. Now more than 46 percent of the US gross domestic product (GDP) comes from services, outperforming not only goods, but also business investments, government spending and net exports. And the importance of services to the economy is only projected to further increase.

Apple Watch. Nintendo Switch. TikTok. Square payment reader. Dollar Shave Club. iPad. Casper Mattresses. Impossible Whopper. Peloton. Amazon Echo. Disney Plus. 

It’s impossible to ignore the success of these products and services. Together, they represent the most successful product launches of the decade. But for every phenomenal success, there are thousands of product failures each year. Here are eight reasons a new product might fail:

Wondering what business practices lead to organizational success? Would you be surprised to learn that in-depth analysis of over 160 companies using more than 200 management tools and techniques, such as logistic management systems and intranets, found that there was no correlation between individual tools and techniques and superior business performance? So what did the researchers at Harvard Business Review discover?

Once there is sufficient data of the ads’ effectiveness, changes can be made to the advertising program. Ads that perform poorly with respect to awareness, cost efficiency or sales may be discontinued. Ads with tepid results may be tweaked so that they get better results, and advertisements that do particularly well may become the basis for entire advertising  programs. 

Today is Positive Thinking Day, a time to focus on what you can do to have a more positive worldview. Author Norman Vincent Peale, whose seminal text, The Power of Positive Thinking, helped launch the positive thinking movement, believed that if you could change your thoughts, you could change the world. So how do you go about it? Here are 10 suggestions on how to celebrate Positive Thinking Day and how to get into the habit of thinking positively:

Over the summer, 360 PSG raised money to buy school supplies for Hamlin Park Academy.  We were able to fill 20 backpacks with supplies like notebooks, crayons and glue sticks. And the teachers got supplies too, like paper towels and sanitizer. #Buffalove

Imagine getting a job offer after acing your very first job interview, straight out of college. That’s what happened for designer Crystal Srock, back in 2012, when she landed a job as a graphic designer and front-end developer at 360 PSG. Prior to securing her job at 360 PSG, Crystal attended Daemen, where she got her BFA in graphic design, as well as some work experience.

When designing an ad campaign, one of the major considerations is deciding on what color palette (or color scheme) to use. It might be tempting to just pick colors based on personal preference, but a smart business owner knows that there’s too much hinging on creating an engaging, user friendly website to make such an important choice that way. 

The execution of an advertising program consists of pretesting copy and then actually carrying out the campaign. Marketing professionals spend significant time comparing and evaluating different potential campaigns to find the most effective option. This evaluation is done both pre- and post–launch to help fine tune the small differences that can have large results when it comes to generating leads and making sales.

Countless scams lurk in the shadows of the web. While they present themselves in many forms, each one uses deception as a means of getting what it needs from its victims. Even with the constant advancement of the internet and technology, the scams simply evolve and adapt. If you don’t see some of them coming, it might be too late by the time you realize what’s happened. Knowledge is always your best line of defense. Equip your brain with the proper tools, and scams don’t stand a chance. Here are five trending scams that you should be aware of.