360 PSG's Mouse Pad Rocks The Stage At Music Is Art

Fresh off the stage and back in the office, 360 PSG’s band Mouse Pad is settled in after their performance at Music Is Art. After weeks of practicing, Mouse Pad performed a 30-minute set on the Main Stage outside to an audience filled with members of our team and festival goers. Mouse Pad absolutely killed their set, and we couldn’t be more proud! Drew, Jess, Saprina and Jen each sang their hearts out and played like total pros (because some of them are). Not only were we on our feet the whole time -- we danced, we sang along and we cheered... very, very loudly.


Rocking out to your coworkers’ band is easy when they’re the reigning champions of Corporate Battle of the Bands! Their hard work really payed off and we can’t wait for the next opportunity to support their talent on stage, just like we do in the office! Interested in hearing some of what Mouse Pad has to offer? Our very own, Jess Chizuk, is an incredibly talented local singer/songwriter. You can check out her music here!

If you missed Mouse Pad’s performance, stay tuned! You never know what tricks we have up our sleeves over at 360 PSG.

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