An Ode to 360 PSG's Unofficial Mascot

Categories: 360 Culture


It's said that having pets in the workplace can reduce stress, boost morale and even increase attendance. If you haven't experienced having an "office dog", let us paint a picture for you. It's 9am on Monday morning at your new job, you open your email to an inbox full of onboarding instructions and new projects to begin. Before opening the first email and beginning your day, you hear a small snort coming from behind you. Is your co-worker auditioning for an adaptation of Babe: Pig in the City, or are you imagining things? Confused, you spin around in your chair and see big eyes staring excitedly up at you with a tail wagging happily along. It may be Monday, but this furry friend is as excited to see you as you are to see your refrigerator on a Friday night. Once a proper greeting and petting take place, your new friend is off to say good morning to the rest of the office, sure to come back for important business matters involving petting, treats and snoozing. Our team is happy to have this experience on a daily basis with 360 PSG's unofficial mascot, Clarabelle. She has been a part of our company since the very beginning - more than eleven years ago.


While she may be moving into the "senior" portion of her life, Clarabelle is as happy and active as ever, making sure to be present during all of 360 PSG's meetings and celebrations to give her utmost attention on each topic. Most people do not get to bring their best friend to work, but our owner & president, Joel, found his own way of doing so with Clarabelle. You will find her most days sleeping under desks and relaxing, but if you happen to stop in our office, Clarabelle is a welcoming party that even cat lovers can't complain about. Our culture at 360 PSG is rooted in hard work, but our success comes from teamwork. The core values we follow each day stem from commitment to each other and our clients. Not only is Clarabelle a part of our team, she represents our dedication to these values.


Having your pet at work may not be for everyone, but we definitely notice when Clarabelle is not around! If you don't have the opportunity to bring your best friend to the office, we invite you to 360 PSG's headquarters to meet Clarabelle where she is happiest - by her best friend's side.



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