How Retargeting Can Keep Your Audience Coming Back in 2017


Have you ever had an ad or product follow you around on the web? These occurrences are not by chance, they are a marketing strategy known as retargeting. Are tiny people spying on your web activity? Thankfully, no. Retargeting is when a user visits a website and is anonymously tagged, allowing for ad placements and display ads to show content on social and search platforms based on their interests. This type of targeting is highly effective and allows for users to see ads that are relevant to them.


How does this come into play for a small business or company? Retargeting is most popularly used with Facebook advertising and Google Adwords. There are many benefits to marketing directly to those who have visited your website and shown an interest in your products or services. The most evident, and arguably most important, result from retargeting is a higher conversion rate. Having an ad show directly to someone with a pre-existing interest in its content is very hard to accomplish through other mediums of marketing. Ads with a retargeting audience almost always have a lower cost-per-click, limiting your ad to be seen only by people who have made actions to prove their interest. This type of cost-effective, hypertargeting is essential for marketers of all types, but also specifically companies that market business-to-business, since their clients may be hard to locate with traditional means of targeting.


Re-engaging with visitors of your site using Facebook ads and Google Adwords with remarketing is an integral strategy. The best part about building this type of audience is that it can be broken down to get even more specific. Retargeting allows a marketer to create a custom audience or list of people that have visited a certain page, maybe an event or product page, which provides a small, extremely relevant group to be shown an ad for content they have sought out. In addition to this custom audience, another benefit of retargeting is creating a "lookalike" or similar audience. This feature is available through Facebook and Google advertising to create a similar, new group of people that are very likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Selectively targeting potential leads and customers while saving on the spend of an ad budget are major factors in boosting the results of a digital advertising campaign. Of course, having the ideal audience to show your ads to is what every company wants, don't forget to have effective content in the ad to capitalize on each opportunity.


Running a social media or Adwords campaign can seem like a lot of work, but that's where 360 PSG comes in. If you need help with a campaign, or have questions, we've got your back. Just drop us a line below!

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