Your Part in a Successful Web Project

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Building a website from scratch is not a "process". A process is a series of repeatable tasks that produce a predictable result, like building a Big Mac. No matter how many times the sandwich is made and no matter who makes it or where, as long as the process is followed, the result will be exactly as expected.

Building a website is a "project". A project is a temporary group activity designed to produce a UNIQUE product, service, or result (PMI). Website development involves many different people, with very different skill sets, working together to accomplish a predefined set of objectives. The end goal being simple... a live website!

360PSG Ensures a Successful Web Project

At 360 PSG there are many people working hard behind the scenes to ensure your project is a success. There are web-designers who make your site look amazing, programmers who make sure your website functions the way it should, web-marketing professionals to help you share your site with the world, SEO experts to help your audience find you, technical and customer support, project managers, account managers, etc... but in the end, it all comes down to you!

You are the most important cog in the machine.

Developing Your New Website

You dreamed up this project. You initiated this project. You worked with your account manager to develop a scope for this project. The result should reflect you, your brand, and accomplish your business needs. Unlike ordering a Big Mac, you can not check out and wait for the end product. You need to be involved throughout the entire process.

Developing your website is a challenge, but should not cause you lose sleep at night or tear out your hair. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your project is as painless as possible:

  1. Submit Collateral on time: Collateral includes any asset required to complete a task within your project. Late delivery of these items can have a disproportionate, negative effect on the timeline of your project. This usually includes, design collateral (Logo, Marketing Material, etc...), Technical information like DNS records, 3rd party API data, etc... basically anything your Project Manager asks for.
  2. Deliver Content on time: Some would consider this collateral. But the content for your site is so important, it needs it's own spot on this list. Writing the content for your web pages is the most difficult job you are responsible for during your project. It is also the most critical ("Content is King") in order to make your website successful. So please take your time, but it is vital to the timeline of the project that it is delivered on time. 
  3. Respond to your web team in a timely manner: Timetables for projects are often based around the assumption that you will provide feedback within a reasonable amount of time. Resources are scheduled around that assumption. If a request for information critical for the progress of your sites development is not responded to in a reasonable amount of time, it could have a disproportionate effect on the timeline of your project.
  4. Remember your goal: A web project often takes weeks or months to complete. It is easy to lose sight of the original goal of the project. Keep your focus on your original vision for the end product and you will avoid unnecessary detours.
  5. Avoid Scope Creep: Scope creep is death to your project. The scope of your project is defined prior to engaging with Project Management. It is the responsibility of your Project Manager to ensure your the defined scope is delivered on time and within the given budget. Anything outside of the defined scope is considered Scope Creep. Scope creep can put the entire project on hold until a new scope can be defined and amended to the original scope agreement. This can often be avoided by following remembering #4 above.
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