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360 PSG adds Content Services to Web Services Portfolio

by bshepard

New service offers copywriting, editing and organic search engine optimization to clients.

Mon, Mar 10th 2008 12:00 pm
360 PSG

AMHERST, NY, MARCH 10, 2008 - In the web development business, everyone knows that "content is king". Content, or the words that fill out a website, piques the interest of search engines, bumping sites up the coveted search engine ranks. Content is also what sells products or services on a website or attracts more visitors - it's the sales pitch, the "Welcome" sign, product information, specifications and attention grabber, all rolled into a website's words.

But for something so important to websites, web developers often place content on the back burner, making it an afterthought to most web projects. 360 PSG is bucking the trend. For 2008, 360 PSG has added a complete Content Services department, with copywriters experienced in building web content.

Considering web copy at the start of a project means content can develop with both the design and functionality of a project. That means a website can be an even more effective marketing tool - web copy not only can carry necessary information, but it can work seamlessly with website design elements and functionality. That doesn't even account for search engine optimization. Any copywriter will tell you it's infinitely easier, and more effective, to tailor content for Google or Yahoo when design and content work together.


To head up the department, 360 PSG has brought aboard Evan Pierce as Director of Content Services. Mr. Pierce has written for many different publications, from the Buffalo News to Spin magazine, with much of his work generated specifically for web readers. It is this experience that 360 PSG hopes to offer clients, making their sites more effective and more powerful.

With a dedicated copywriting team focused on devising content for web projects, 360 PSG can build content specifically for web readers. Advertising copy works differently on the web than it does with traditional marketing material - theoretically, web copy means you have unlimited space to fill. You could fill it with loads of information. In some instances, that works, but not in all cases. Studies show web visitors read content more slowly, and also process a third less information than print content.

That means your web copy must be deployed effectively, meshing with design elements and with powerful calls-to-action to engage readers. Coupled with all the other jobs web copy must accomplish, advertising writers experienced in web content have a leg up on their competition.


Working with Design
Web content also isn't limited by the constrictions of traditional media. There are no real size limitations like in print, and the ability to incorporate hyperlinks and other graphical elements lends a dynamic ability to text that offers unlimited possibilities. For small businesses who are building a website, however, that freedom can be intimidating. How do you use it all?

With a web firm that has content services in-house, the copywriter can work with the designer, creating content with variety not only in wording, but also in presentation. It's a synergy 360 PSG now has, with its creative team constantly working together on projects.

Search Engine Optimization
Many web developing firms advertise search engine optimization, and they may offer rudimentary services in that field, focusing on meta-tags and meta-keywords. Truly effective search engine enhancements are more organic, incorporated directly into the text of a website.

As an in-house copy department, 360 PSG copywriters can generate effective advertising copy while understanding the priority of search engine algorithms. With 360 PSG search engine analysis, industry key words and phrases can be identified and woven into the text, allowing 360 PSG content to accomplish the many tasks web content must do.


Raising Your Public Profile
In addition to traditional advertising copy, 360 PSG now also offers public relations services for small business clients. From web-based press releases, news services and blogs, these regularly updated news pieces not only inform media sources and readers of new services, events or industry news, but also aids in search engine traffic by keeping sites fresh.
For more information about 360 PSG content services, visit www.360psg.com.