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Can Your Customer Trust You?

by system
Mon, May 3rd 2010 08:40 am

What does it mean to be online?

Being online means being connected to a particular network whether it's on your home computer, office computer, or via mobile device. With a variety of ways to "connect" we are online now more than ever before, which means there is more risk of your personal information being stolen online.

How do you know you're safe?

In this month's Get with the Programmer piece, Eric Coleman gave you some signs to look for to ensure safety on the web, from browser lock icons to HTTPS addresses. So now that you know what to look for on other websites, perhaps it's time to ask yourself what you can do for your visitors to create a feeling of security on your own website. When a visitor shares sensitive information with you, they need assurance that any info they provide to you will be stored securely. So how do you build trust with new visitors?


First and foremost, having a professional website design conveys a feeling of security online. When a new visitor lands on your website, you want them to immediately have the feeling that they are in the presence of a secure and professional organization. This is your 15-second pitch to your potential customer. Having a solid design, a color scheme that fits your business or organization, and a professional logo solidifies a feeling of trust and confidence in your visitors. Having an out-of-date design is a red flag to visitors. If your design isn't up to date then why would your security be? Take another look at your design. Could it be time for a upgrade?


Your content is the key to cognitive comfort. Sound professional and your visitors will trust you. Remember, your visitors are turning to you for something they need. Be concise and to-the-point. Don't lead your visitors in circles to find what they want. Tell them who you are and what you have to offer right on your homepage. Include prominent colorful callouts to encourage click-throughs to take your visitors right where you want them to land whether that's a contact page, products page, or any other page you're trying to push visitors to.
Be sure that you know what goes on your website. Does a third-party service control your website content for you? Is your neighbor's nephew writing your copy? The Fission CMS allows you to take control of your website content.

Data Collection:

How are you collecting data and where is it being stored? If you have a Fission Web System e-commerce site then your customers' data is securely collected, encrypted and stored on our secure servers in our business class datacenter where only select 360 PSG employees, who have all signed legally binding confidentiality agreements, have access to that sensitive information.

When you do ask your visitors to fill out a form, let them know why you're collecting the data that you're asking for. Disclose a more thorough explanation concerning data collection and storage in your company's privacy policy page.

Protect Yourself:

Protect your email address. You never want to post your email address to your website. Instead, make it an image to ensure that you don't get spammed. Or, you can create a basic contact form that sends inquiries to your email address without having to display it on the front end of your website. Every Fission CMS form includes a CAPTCHA to deter spammers.

In addition to the basics, the Fission CMS allows you to create secure password-protected content pages. This way you can display member contact info or any other sensitive information privately by requiring visitors to login to view the certain pages.

Of course if you're already a Fission client then you have nothing to worry about. Every Fission Web System site is hosted on secure servers in 360 PSG business class datacenter, which means all of your information is safeguarded in a bunker-like facility with magnetic swipe card access and padlocked server cages that are only accessible by authorized 360 PSG engineers. But if your site does not currently operate on the Fission Web System, then your information and your clients' information may be at risk. Contact us today to ensure complete privacy online.