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Google-Verizon Deal Adds Fuel to Net Neutrality Fire

by system
Tue, Aug 17th 2010 09:00 am

Corporate behemoths Google and Verizon recently announced their plan to implement their own version of net neutrality by essentially creating a "second Internet," in which alternative information would be streamed at high speeds for a fee.  Their proposal cites "health care monitoring, the smart grid, advanced educational services, or new entertainment and gaming options" as potential paid content, but the specifics have yet to be worked out.

While the FCC has been working to implement a net neutrality deal that would outlaw the preferential treatment of content and services from Internet providers like Verizon, opposition remains heavy. 

Net neutrality was a hot issue just last year after AT&T came under fire for banning VoIP (Voice over IP) apps like Skype and Google Voice from its network, a decision it quickly reversed when hit with relentless criticism from net neutrality proponents.

Google and Verizon may have shot themselves in the foot with their proposal sparking even more debate over what information should be regulated, if any, and may have made the perfect case for net neutrality.

For more information on the Google-Verizon deal, check out the following PC World article.