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On the Road with Fission

by system
Thu, Aug 25th 2011 10:25 am

When you think of summer you probably think of fun in the sun, vacations, barbeques, and road trips.  One thing that may not come to mind though is your website.  Unfortunately, if you neglect your site in the summer time, you may send visitors packing for a permanent vacation from you.

Sure summer is winding down, but if you're thinking of hitting the road this Labor Day weekend make sure that your website doesn't take a vacation too.  Keeping your website up to date for your visitors while you're on the road is easier than you think.  Just keep these two simple things in mind when planning time away from the office and you won't miss a beat:

  1. Plan ahead.  Do you have an upcoming seminar or social event?  Do you have news to report?  Schedule your website updates before you hit the road. 
  2. Stay active.  Your visitors don't need to know that you're on vacation.  Keeping your site updated with news article, showcase pieces, and social media will keep your visitors coming back for more while you're out of the office.

The Fission Web System allows users to update websites while they're out of the office:

News articles

News keeps your site up to date whether you're on vacation or in the office.  Create your news articles before you pack your bags, future date them in the CMS, and Fission will auto-publish your articles without you having to lift a finger. 

Showcase Manager

Like news, testimonials, case studies, and portfolio pieces are great ways highlight accomplishments.  Manage showcase news like portfolio pieces, testimonials, and case studies by scheduling their publication in advance.

Social Media

Use social media to generate more hits on your site while you hit the road.  Did you know that you can schedule Tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn updates without logging in to each service individually?  With Fission's social media tools, you can schedule all of your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn messages with links to news articles and events, and have them auto-publish while you're out of the office. 

Configure news articles, events, and showcase pieces with the social media tools to send notification and links to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn followers.

Fission Blast

Don't neglect your company newsletter either.  Will you be out of the office when your visitors are used to receiving your newsletter?  Simply plug new content into your template and schedule it with Fission Blast in advance.

Much more...

Nearly every portion of your Fission Web System site can be managed this way as well.  From pages, to modules, to news, and social media, the Fission Web System helps your site stay updated while you travel. 

Finally, have you thought about how your visitors view your site while they're on the road?

Whether they're on vacation or on a business trip, your visitors and customers still need easy access to your website.  Mobile traffic typically spikes in the summer, so consider which devices your visitors use to navigate your site while they're on the road from laptops to iPads and tablets to mobile phones.  Remember, your mobile site should be used like a business card by giving visitors easy access to your website's most essential information up front.  Having a mobile version of your website is crucial for keeping your visitors up to date while they're traveling.

For more information on converting your website to a mobile site or how to get started with Fission, contact us today.