Google Analytics Is Changing: Don't Lose Your Lead Tracking

Google Analytics is the most important tool used for keeping track of all of the data points on your website. Whether you look at it monthly or weekly, it’s a tool many business owners and team members use to get a different look at their business’s performance that they may not otherwise see.

This is going to change, though, and soon some big changes are coming. In just a few months, Google Analytics Universal Analytics tags will stop gathering data. In its place, there will only be GA4, the newest iteration of the Google tool.

This change is officially coming on July 1, 2023.

And as of 2024, the current tags used for Google Analytics will no longer work and data will no longer be collected or accessible there.

You May Have Already Heard of GA4

During 2022, Google started launching GA4 as a new tool to track various data points on your website and/or app like never before. This upgrade offered a better way to understand the customer’s journey, including cross-device insights.

Additionally, it made Google Analytics easier to use, emphasizing the data points that really get used.

Benefits and Improvements of GA4:

  • Tracking more focused on events (or actions)
  • Clearer pathways to view customer journeys
  • Improved search functions to find specific answers to your questions
  • Easy explore option to find different graphics, charts and displays

What You’ll Need to Do

You’ll need to set up a G4 analytics account, and the sooner the better. The sooner you set up your new account, the sooner you’ll start collecting data, and the more time you’ll have to view trends. It’s also the best way to get everything out of Google Analytics.

Luckily, doing this is pretty easy. If you already have a Google Analytics UA account, you’ll be able to connect the two, keeping your data all in one easy-to-see place. Due to their connection, working with HTML, and inserting code may not be required. In some cases, it may be a little more difficult to set up the new GA4 account.

The Key Take Away

Don’t wait: set up your G4 account now. It only takes a few minutes.

You can even have someone like 360 PSG complete the upgrade for you, saving you a potential headache. Opting for this avenue would also include transferring over any set goals or conversions. Let’s schedule a few minutes to talk about your business so we can provide the appropriate solution.

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