360 PSG Protects You From Heartbleed

If you've been keeping up on your national tech news, then you've probably heard about the most recent security vulnerability that's making headlines: the Heartbleed bug. The bug preys on a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL software library, allowing information that is normally protected through secure encryption to be accessed by outside parties. The vulnerable data includes private information that users enter into websites, applications, web email, and even instant messages.

Since cybersecurity has become a major hot button topic over the past couple of years, we wanted to take a moment to reassure our customers that we've been tracking this particular vulnerability since the security patch was issued early Monday morning; updating our servers and monitoring them for any suspicious activity.

While this particular exploit warrants front page news due to the number of websites at risk, the Heartbleed bug isn't that different from the kind of security issues that our system administrators deal with on a regular basis. 

Software providers are constantly releasing security updates and bug patches, but most of these fixes take place behind-the-scenes. We estimate that our team handles at least a couple hundred lesser updates in any given year, so you can rest easy knowing that your site is safe and secure.

For more information on the Heartbleed bug, visit http://heartbleed.com.