360 PSG's Website Redesign Launch Preview

As we get closer to the launch of 360 PSG's full website redesign, we thought it would be fun to share a teaser of what to expect! Our design team has been busy putting the finishing touches on our new site, but here's an inside look at some of the pages you will find when our new look is officially live.  


360 PSG Preview: Homepage

A homepage is more than just a first impression, it's the intro to your website that can impact interest, conversions, engagement - everything. While this is just a sliver of the actual homepage, this sneak peek showcases our unique, versatile design team and a couple of the options our clients have when starting a web project with us.  "As a team, we're a jack of all trades. Individually, we're specialists."


360 PSG Preview: SEO Page

In this fuller preview of our SEO page, we aim to educate visitors about our comprehensive search services - but also the process behind it. It's important to us that our clients know exactly what benefits to expect from our service and what methods we use to achieve them. Even though it isn't a complete preview of the page, our new design features what our clients need to know, and want to know, while keeping the visuals eye-catching and true to our brand.


360 PSG Preview: Portfolio

Our last preview of the redesign before its launch is a piece from one of our portfolio pages. We love what we do, so wanted to make sure that translates when featuring our work. Our portfolio will have different types of features for visitors to look at for inspiration, and to get a better idea of the wealth of options we have available for building success on the web.

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