360 PSG's Favorite Web Projects: Spring 2017

While we aren't really sure how another season has passed since our last "Favorite Web Projects" blog, we are back to share what we've been cooking up during spring at 360 PSG. We put a lot of hard work into each website, campaign and project, so it can be difficult to pick favorites! However, we whittled it down to five picks.

Now Live: 360 PSG's Website Redesign

If you haven't noticed yet, our new website redesign has launched! At 360 PSG, we are passionate about our clients. It's our mission to make sure we provide innovative solutions to bring them online success. With that said, sometimes you have to treat yourself!

360 PSG's Website Redesign Launch Preview

As we get closer to the launch of 360 PSG's full website redesign, we thought it would be fun to share a teaser of what to expect! Our design team has been busy putting the finishing touches on our new site, but here's an inside look at some of the pages you will find when our new look is officially live.  

Winter Wrap Up: Favorite Web Projects This Season 2017

As we venture further into 2017, 360 PSG has been involved in a variety of design projects that we have truly enjoyed working on from start to finish.

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Old Dog New Tricks: Don't Break the Bank

In 360 PSG's latest blog series, one of our elder statesmen takes on questions from small business owners just like you, to break down the complicated landscape of web design. This week, we answer questions about design options. 

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The Tech Perspective: Your Website as an Extra Sales Person

You've probably been using your business website as a digital "home base" for a while now, and letting it serve as a second store front. But have you ever considered your website to be an additional employee? Here's some of the benefits of changing your perspective. 

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The Value of Customer Service

Customer service is incredibly important to any business and every owner, manager and CEO knows this. But what is the value of customer service, why does it matter so much and, most importantly, how can you improve yours in the digital age? 

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Fall in Love With Your Website

It's the heart of winter. Love is in the air. It's a perfect time to fall in love with your...website? Here's 5 ways to get customers to fall in love with your website. 

The 6 Reasons Why You Need a Blog

A blog isn't just something to air personal grievances. It's a big benefit for businesses. Read about how to get started and the benefits of being an active blogger. 

Donations Capabilities

A donation page is a powerful component for any non-profit website. 360 PSG's Fission System has you covered with their custom donation capabilities. 

How to's with Fission CMS: Embed a YouTube Video

Embedding a YouTube video with Fission CMS is quick and easy! Learn how here.

How-To's with Fission CMS: Duplicate an Existing Page

Learn here how to utilize a quick work-around to easily duplicate page content in Fission CMS.

How To's with Fission CMS: Change Notification Email Address

Find out how to Change Notification Email Addresses for your website forms in Fission CMS.

How-To's with Fission CMS: Add a Twitter Feed to my Site

Twitter offers a widget allowing you to Add A Twitter Feed to your website. This will display your latest tweets, let others easily follow. Here's how to add one with Fission CMS.

Choosing a Content Management System that is Right for Your Business

Choosing a Content Management System can be as difficult of a decision to make as a design for a new website. Fortunately, help is available!

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The Importance of RSS Feed and Sitemap Optimization

Learn about why RSS Feeds, XML Sitemaps and HTML Sitemaps are important for optimizing your website for search engines.

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