Choosing a Content Management System that is Right for Your Business

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Open Source or 'Closed'?

This should be an easy question to answer. Do you trust your business website to themes and plugins designed by mystery developers, risking malware injections and outdated code? Or do you trust a CMS that is not only built and designed by a single team, but also maintained and supported by that same team?

Available Themes and Modules

Installing themes and modules or plugins should be as easy as a few clicks. Your business demands your attention 24/7 and spending time on this type of thing is time-consuming, and not very fun...unless you're into that kind of stuff. Unless you want to spend your time managing your business and sifting through your website's code, find a platform where themes and modules or plugins are easy to install, trustworthy and won't break your site.

Go Responsive

Your site should be responsive in 2014. A content management system for your website should be able to support your responsive website, and turn on or off features based on whether the visitor is on a mobile device or desktop. A responsive theme on an open source CMS can be very tricky to setup, often better left to a developer or designer. If you don't have the time or resources, the best alternative is something that is easy to install with an in-house team to help you out.


Once a CMS is installed, and you've got your theme installed and your plugins installed, then what? You'll need it customized and setup. Again, if you're using a open source CMS, in order to get your site to the point you need it to be at (custom designed and branded to your business), you'll need a developer or designer. Problems will arise that a non-technical person might not be able to fix on their own. Technical support and solutions in an open source community is often difficult to find. Customization should be easy, and intuitive.

Support Options

When you need a website customization, update, or even redesign, you shouldn't be alone in it. If you have a staff in-house that can do these things for you, then an open source option might be sufficient for your business. Most businesses don't have this type of staff available, so it's important to choose a CMS that has someone you can call. A person that speaks your language, that understands the platform you're using on a deep level.

Decision Time

Fortunately, 360 PSG offers two custom-built content management systems: Fission Web System and 360 CMS. Both options provide different options for different needs, drop us a line and we'll be glad to go over them with you. With either option, you won't have to worry about searching the internet for plugins or how to install tools. You can also choose from a variety of responsive themes that can be installed out of the box, or fully customized for your needs and installing them is as easy as a few clicks.

Give us a call or fill out the form below to find out which is right for you. Our US-based, English speaking Support representatives are prepared to answer any questions you may have.

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