Social Madness Comes to a Close for 360 PSG

For the second consecutive year, 360 PSG was overtaken in the Buffalo Championship round of Social Madness. Sponsored by Business First, the social media competition pits companies against each other, gauging their social media success through an algorithm that tabulates votes and online social engagement.

At the end of the first round, the top eight companies were chosen to begin the bracketed competition, where 360 PSG started in eighth place against  the first place challenger, The Buffalo Zoo. With a huge last minute turn around, 360 managed to beat The Buffalo Zoo and move onto the third round, against BlueCross BlueShield. After taking victory once again, 360 entered the Championship round of the competition in the Buffalo region. Sadly, despite our efforts, Delta Sonic was proclaimed the winner and will head onto the national competition.

360 PSG faced some tough competition throughout each round, going up against huge companies with very large social media presences, including Perry's Ice Cream, which has over 43,000 Facebook "Likes;" Delta Sonic, with over 32,000 "Likes;" and NOCO Express, with over 8,000 "Likes."

Being a small company with a moderate social media presence (right now we've got about 3,500 Facebook Page "Likes"), it seemed like 360 PSG wouldn't stand a chance against these larger businesses, but we did. By knowing your customers and understanding social media, it is possible to increase your social engagement without spending lots of money or draining your marketing department.

Here at 360 PSG, we made many efforts during Social Madness to increase our social engagement across the platforms we regularly use to keep customers informed about our company, products, as well as innovations and developments in the web design world.

Through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and of course with all of your help, we believe we succeeded in this competition. We are already excited for next year, and we plan on making it even further!