Social Madness: It's Taking Over!

How much time do you spend using Social Media each day? If you add up every Facebook notification check, every tweet sent, each LinkedIn connection approval, every Instagram liked, and so on, it begins to add up. Between desktop and mobile devices, the amount of time tech-savvy generations spend on the Internet has resulted in a culture wholly supported by social media. It has created a global community like no other, and has become an indispensable tool for maintaining both personal and business connections.

Last October, I attended a Human Resources conference hosted by the Buffalo Niagara Human Resources Association, where the keynote speaker, Ryan Estis, Business Performance Expert, demonstrated the importance of social media in business connections and relationships. During the presentation, he shared a personal social media experience in which his use of Twitter had rekindled a former business relationship. By reading one another's tweets each day, Estis and an associate engaged in an indirect form of conversation, which enabled the two to feel as if they had been keeping in touch. Although they had gone months without actually speaking, Twitter made it possible for them to maintain their relationship, which helped to facilitate a business deal later on. 

Social media is the modern way of life, communication, and connection. Not only has it altered the way we converse with other people, it's changed the way we communicate with brands. Prior to the advent of social media, the odds of creating a dialog with a Fortune 500 company and receiving a thoughtful response were probably slim to none. Today, you can usually expect one within 24 hours, if not 24 minutes.

Where are we going with this? Glad you asked.

Business First is currently running a national competition called Social Madness, where companies compete for votes and social engagement. The contest is aimed at helping participants to increase their presence across their social media networks, as well as to promote their company and products or services. The best part? The winning company has the opportunity to donate $10,000 to a charity of their choice. 360 PSG is participating full-throttle in this competition and we need your help! Please share, like, comment, retweet, etc. to help us expand our social media footprint across the Internet!

What charity have we chosen to give the money to? If we win, that decisions will be up to you, our supporters. We believe it is most important for you to help us choose a charity that is important to the Buffalo community. So, if we win Social Madness we will be asking for your input. But we have to win first! So please share, share, share, and like, like, like! 

.Vote for 360 PSG in Social Madness HERE. We're in the Large category.

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