When Is It Time for a Re-brand?

The lifetime of a successful business can span generations. One of the most important qualities these businesses have is their ability to maneuver through the changing landscape. What worked years ago may no longer be as relevant, or as effective. It takes a nimble, savvy business to look ahead and understand the trends that take place and how to adjust your business accordingly to stay successful.

In the past week, we've seen two major players in the digital market go through major re-brands to re-align with what their overall vision is for their respective companies. Branding is everything from your website, to your advertising, down to your business cards. It's how other people see your business from the outside world. Each company had their own intentions for how they wanted customers to see their business with their new look.

Google, looking to become less "big-brother" and more "good-friend" redesigned their logo with an influence from schoolhouse textbooks. In an attempt to be as true as possible to their mission statement, they wanted to create a look and feel as though they were looking out for your best interests as a person, not as a number. They simplified, and (literally) smoothed out their edges, to look more approachable.

Verizon, looking to take a step forward in the age of mobile-viewing, also simplified their logo to be more recognizable and less busy. This re-brand comes on the heels of their major June buyout of AOL.

So How Does This Affect My Business?

So why the need for a re-brand? Both of these companies had different reasons for their changes, but what it came down to was their vision for the future. Both had major changes going on within their businesses, and looked to have a "fresh" look moving forward, without completely abandoning their existing look. Think of it as a much needed face-lift.

A re-brand can be very powerful for your business, if used in the right way. Having a re-brand is a lot like starting a new business, but with extra fire-power. You have your existing customers in mind, but you are able to have a fresh outlook to everything you do. And the concept behind a re-brand can be useful for positioning yourself for the future. In understanding where you want your business to eventually be, you can yourself with intent.

As times change, you want people to trust that your business will be there, but that they're also not stuck in the Stone Age. Understand that people's' needs change constantly, and you need to be there to answer that need, in a relevant and timely way. Think of your re-brand as your own personal update, with you in control of your future.

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