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Whether you believe content marketing has been around since the dawn of advertising, or that content has just started to become a heavy hitter in recent years - an inarguable factor of these two theories is that content really matters. Is the term "content" vague for you? Well, you are reading content at this very second! A business that produces blogs, social media posts, infographics, video, books, visual art (you get the idea) - is a business that produces content. What makes these pieces of content quality and effective? Why does it matter? In the endless sea of ads and brand materials on the internet, producing valuable and interesting pieces are exactly what help a business to drive awareness and high-quality leads to their brand.


Let's take a look at owned media. This type of content may include what's on a website, blog or social media account for a business. Think of your web presence as an ongoing relationship. What are you bringing to the table? Creating valuable content is essential to attracting and retaining an audience. When you have a relative audience, you have an opportunity for quality customers or leads. Need an example? If you run a yoga studio and decide to change the different styles of classes you offer, creating a visual piece that shows and explains the benefits of each new pose in an informative, yet fun way is great content for social media and the studio's website; this alone could motivate someone to sign up for new classes and increase attendance (if that is the goal). What makes content effective is that is serves a purpose. If it doesn't benefit your customers or audience, what's the point? Throwing together a couple social posts a week or writing a quick blog may seem like a step in the right direction, but it's likely that your competitor is already doing much more.


Loyalty is one of the largest benefits of having quality content. Having an audience return to your website or social feed and stay engaged can be difficult to accomplish. What's the secret? Creativity! Does your brand have a personality? Use it. How can you make your content relevant? Research your audience. What makes you pay attention to a brand on the web? In a way, content marketing is the opposite strategy of traditional advertising, but with the same objective; connecting versus showcasing. Of course, if it's done properly, the ultimate benefit of content or any marketing effort is a return on investment. Your efforts should be measurable by setting goals. Did the time and resources used to create the content produce results? If your audience is engaged in your content, it's likely there is a positive outcome to be tracked on its behalf. Regardless of your objective, content marketing does more than mobilize leads or sales, it creates an ongoing conversation with your audience. In a world where ads are shown everywhere you look, building a connection with your customers may be exactly what you need to rise above the crowd. If content marketing doesn't come naturally to you, or you don't have the proper tools or experience, don't strike out with forced content! We are here to help.


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