Website Hosting Services

Unlike many web development companies, sites hosted with 360 PSG are not sent to servers housed in another state, far away from the developers handling your data. Our servers are located within driving distance of our development office, so you get the advantages of off-site hosting - secure and shielded from the elements - while keeping the benefits of 360 PSG access, where our developers can maintain your data efficiently.

Hosting packages start as low as just a few dollars per month for basic service and range up to multiple dedicated hosting servers with dedicated bandwidth, meaning you don't have to share space or connectivity.

Hosting Options

Basic Hosting

Your site will be hosted on one of 360 PSG's secure web servers, with all of the security, maintenance, e-mail addresses and space your website needs.

Virtual Hosting

360 PSG's virtual servers give you your own server partition, use of either Windows or Linux operating system, and all the benefits of basic 360 PSG hosting, at the fraction of the cost of maintaining your own hardware.


360 PSG will install and maintain your server configuration at our secure datacenter, with its own IP address . You own the equipment, but it will remain accessible to our systems administrator and IT staff to maintain your data.

Content Management System

Websites that run on 360 PSG's Content Management Systems are hosted on our secure servers. Because of this, our CMS clients always have access to the latest versions of our software, which is regularly maintained by our IT staff.

Learn more about our datacenter facility, or contact an Account Manager to find out how 360 PSG hosting and data storage can protect you and your business.