Business Class Datacenter & Servers

360 PSG's servers are housed in a state-of-the-art facility, located in downtown Buffalo, New York, that is accessible by our expert staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our secure datacenter has always maintained uninterrupted power to our servers and the building's security features.

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Our hosted sites are not only safe from the elements, but they're also secured from web-based problems by 360 PSG-maintained firewalls and regular security updates. We never rely on outsourced hosting operations, and take web hosting and data storage seriously. Redundant power supplies, multiple hard drives, and protected connections are all options we utilize wherever possible.

In October of 2006, when many businesses lost power for weeks due to a massive fall snow storm, 360 PSG's servers remained active for the duration.

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360 PSG offers many different packages from our professional 'managed hosting' service kits. These include shared bandwidth and server space on one of our many custom-built application servers. We support both Windows and Linux environments to ensure that all hosting needs are met. Several current clients have utilized co-location to mount their own dedicated servers, backup systems, and internal VPN servers. Many small businesses are also using our virtual server plans to act as data recovery disaster sites, business continuity servers, and central storage repositories.

For basic shared hosting service on 360 PSG Managed Servers and Fission Dedicated Systems, please view our hosting services. The bandwidth offered can be dedicated or shared. We can partition off as little as a quarter megabit/sec, dedicated to your websites or servers, and up to multiple DS3 (T3 45 Megabit/sec) lines to your rack(s) or servers.