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Maximize Conversion Rates Utilizing Your Traffic Reports

by system
Mon, Aug 2nd 2010 09:00 am

Maximizing conversion rates (i.e. getting visitors to place an order, complete a contact form, membership registration, newsletter subscription, download a file, or more) is a priority for most websites.  Creating strong content, SEO campaigns, and peppering your site with calls to action takes a lot of hard work to get "just right."  So don't you want a little reassurance that all of your efforts are paying off and not just leading to dead ends? 

Understanding the flow of traffic on your website is a vital part of building a successful online presence.  Knowing where most of your traffic comes from, where it goes, what pages are viewed most often and for how long are all crucial bits of information for improving the success of your website.

Lucky for you, 360 PSG offers two levels of visitor and site traffic reporting with every Fission Web System package so you can monitor your website's activity.  The first is "On-Server" statistics, which offers in-depth tracking including:

  • Reports are viewable historically for each month (or summary year totals)
  • Number of visits and number of unique visitors
  • Visits duration (length on your site) and last visits
  • Days of week and rush hours (pages, hits, bandwidth [KB] for each hour and day of week)
  • Domains/countries of visitors IP (pages, hits, bandwidth, 269 domains/countries detected, GeoIp detection)
  • Most viewed pages, entry (landing) and exit (last one visited on each session) pages Search engines, key phrases and keywords used to find your site (The 115 most famous search engines are detected like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask.com, AltaVista, etc...)
  • Number of times your site is "added to favorites bookmarks".

Complete Server Statistics let you know who is visiting, how often they visit, where they come from and how long they stay. All of this information is automatically updated each night and you can view your results from any internet accessible computer.

The second level is "Off-Site" statistics, which utilizes Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics is a premier tracking and reporting tool that lets business executives see simple snapshots of a websites performance and is powerful enough to let web marketing professionals understand what plans are working or not.

360 PSG will work with you to determine goals like E-commerce objectives and shopping cart checkouts or contact or request quote form usage; install goal tags to track and record the data required for your reports; and then configure your reports for easy access.

Usability and Accessibility

Are important parts of your website hard to find?  Make sure that your menu is prominent and follows a logical path on every page so your visitors can better navigate your website.  Don't waste time promoting parts of your site that garner little traffic.  Once you've analyzed your traffic reports and determined where your visitors are going and staying the longest, you can then make those areas more easily accessible.

For more information on what stat tracking features are available or to take advantage of our stat tracking features, please contact an account manager today.