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(Re)Customize Your Twitter Profile to Fit Your Brand and Your New Twitter Layout

by system
Mon, Oct 11th 2010 09:45 am

You may be one of the lucky users who signed on to Twitter in the past few weeks and found that you'd been upgraded to "new" Twitter, an update of the popular micro-blogging website.  You may have also noticed that your custom Twitter background looks slightly askew.  That's because the "new" Twitter column widths have changed, possibly rendering your old background design obsolete.

A custom Twitter background is essential for promoting your brand, as "new" Twitter, more than ever, encourages Twitter.com use over third-party applications.  There are slide-out columns, new ways of displaying Tweets, followers, pictures, links and more that make "new" Twitter more visually stimulating and more user friendly.

How is "New" Twitter Different?

"New" Twitter utilizes a fluid layout, which means that your background will stretch or shrink depending on your browser window or screen resolution.  Here are a couple of differences between the "old" Twitter and "new" Twitter designs:

  • On "new" Twitter, there is a 40 pixel-tall toolbar at the top of the page that is always visible.  Below that there is a constant vertical space of 20 pixels between the toolbar and the timelines.
  • The new timeline column on the left is always 540 pixels wide but the sidebar on the right will change based on your resolution. 
  • In the old design, there were approximately 251 pixels to the left and right of the Twitter columns.  In the new design, the space is reduced to 112 and 113 pixels respectively. 
  • If you have a large background image, there's a very good chance that it will be hidden with the "new" Twitter column dimensions.  However, the expanded right column is semi-opaque (about 75%) so a large background image will still be visible as long as it's placed in the correct location and the right column's color isn't too dark.

360 PSG to the Rescue!

You don't need to scrap your old Twitter background all together.  360 PSG can modify your existing Twitter background to fit the "new" Twitter dimensions or create a brand new custom background from scratch to keep your Twitter profile up to date and promote brand unity.

If you've never had a custom Twitter background, now is the perfect time to impress your clients and solidify your brand by adding one to your "new" Twitter account today.

For more information on custom Twitter background design, please contact 360 PSG today.