Executing the Advertising Program

Executing Your Advertising ProgramThe execution of an advertising program consists of pretesting copy and then actually carrying out the campaign. Marketing professionals spend significant time comparing and evaluating different potential campaigns to find the most effective option. This evaluation is done both pre- and post–launch to help fine tune the small differences that can have large results when it comes to generating leads and making sales.

Pretesting the advertising

Pretesting is done before any type of advertising is actually placed. This testing is done to ensure that the ad communicates the correct message. Pretesting can also be done to select a final version of an advertisement from among several options. Two of the most useful and relevant forms of pretesting are portfolio tests and jury tests.

Portfolio tests are used to choose a final version from different alternatives. The test ad is given to a consumer in a portfolio, along with other options. The consumer then goes through the portfolio to judge the content and provide feedback on the effectiveness of the different ads. 

Jury tests involve showing the advertisements to a consumer panel. The participants then rate the different versions of the ad based on things like attractiveness and effectiveness. Unlike the portfolio testing, in jury testing the participants are aware of which advertisement is the test sample.

Carrying out the advertising program

Once the final details of the advertising program have been ironed out, the plan must actually be executed. A company has options when it comes to who will be carrying out the plan.  

If a company has an in-house department dedicated to advertising, then the company’s own staff can execute the plan. While in-house advertising had been on the rise, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this trend may reverse itself. Sixty-nine percent of companies report that they anticipate spending less on advertising in 2020, and one way of addressing that shortfall is to outsource advertising work that would have otherwise been done by an in-house department. While this may seem counterintuitive, with outsourcing you’re only paying for work that’s actually done, not an employee’s (or multiple employees’) salary.

There are two different types of outside advertising agencies. Limited-service agencies focus on a specific aspect of the creative process, such as creative services or internet services. Going this route means more moving parts, and increased coordination efforts. Full-service agencies provide a complete range of services, including market research, copywriting, graphic design and monitoring. For the most part, the agency does all the work, with the project moving through a pipeline until there is a finished product.

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