Take a Risk: Explore Video

When someone says content, most people assume that means the written word. For a marketer, though, content has several different meanings. It does mean writing - blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, articles, and more. It also means using high resolution images that can draw a viewer in and get their attention. But one of the most dynamic pieces of content is video. Don't believe us? We'll let the stats do the talking. Video now accounts for more than 50% of all mobile traffic (HighQ), with 78% of people watching video at least once a week (HighQ). At a 67% success rate among people who use video to promote their business (HighQ), it remains one of the most effective and influential forms of content marketing out there. 

So what kinds of content can be created using video? The possibilities only go as far as your creativity does, and it's a perfect way to showcase testimonials, case studies, services, and a good way to add a dynamic touch to your brand. Here's a couple of simple video ideas that can get your creative juices flowing. 

Sample Video 1: Logo Video

This example is a simple recreation of our logo in a dynamic way. Moving parts always create interest, and gives a whole different dimension to your brand.

Sample Video 2: Logo Video with Text

This example adds another layer to the logo - text. Creating moving text not only balances out the motion of the logo, but it also can be used to create a distinctive call to action to get the viewer to make a decision. Here we used our hashtag #yourwebexperts for increased branding, and a level of curiosity.

Sample Video 3: Full Animation Video with Logo

This example combines many simple animations, to form something a bit more dynamic. Adding a chart creates the beginnings of a story, which you can utilize to give your video marketing a purpose and direction, and makes you the mini director to your own calls-to-action.

Hopefully these videos gave you some ideas to start your next video campaign. Whether it's to drive awareness, create a distinct call-to-action, or to just change up your marketing, video is become a vital part of everyday marketing, and could be an essential tool in your arsenal of marketing tools to make a strong impression.

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