Facebook Advertising: For MY Business?

Get the Most Out of Your Advertising Dollars 

Are you advertising on Facebook? Getting a good Facebook business campaign is an important piece of marketing for your business. What's in it for you? Being able to get your product to people who are like you and actually want your business. Facebook marketing can put your business in front of people who are in your same age range, in the same zip code, with a specific income bracket, and even with similar tastes in music (because it gets awkward when they don't know Free Bird.) And the kicker? Facebook marketing is pretty cheap compared to other online marketing options. Campaigns can be set for pennies on the dollar, but can reach a lot more people if you can target the right people. 

Targeted & Retargeted Advertising

Targeted ads on Facebook allow you to filter who you send your ad to. You're able to keep certain people out, and keep the people you want in (Lynyrd Skynyrd fans, obviously). Think of a Facebook campaign as your arrow, but you get to determine what your target is. Big or small, a Facebook campaign can help you get in front of more people like you, and will help you generate better sales for less money.  

Re-targeting gives you a second chance to sell to people who have already visited your website or Facebook page and did not buy, and re-sell to customers who are interested in your products but for whatever reason were reluctant to make that final decision. It helps with bringing back potential customers to complete a purchase, finding new customers who are similar to the ones you already have, and weed out your customer base by excluding people who aren't looking to buy. 

Re-targeting can help you reach the people who are tired of the constant, irrelevant ads that appear on Facebook. With your Facebook ad, they have a local vendor who understands their specific needs. All said, a good re-targeting campaign can boost the amount that you sell, and eventually lower your advertising costs.

Why It Matters

A Facebook campaign can help keep a lean marketing budget while getting the most out of your investment. When compared to other marketing, Facebook targeting has the advantage of being more cost sensitive but just as effective. Plus, after the sale, you get the option of talking about Lynyrd Skynyrd, or maybe a new meatloaf recipe (who are we to judge). 

How 360 PSG Can Help

Our specialized Search and Social Team can help you use your Facebook data and tools to start your first Facebook Business Campaign.

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