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Did you hear rumblings about Google updating its policy on mobile-friendly websites earlier this year? It was dubbed MOBILEGEDDON by some clever guy sitting at a desk in California who does really well with jokes by the water cooler. 


The update favors mobile-friendly websites when anyone does a Google search. So let's say someone searched for your business before mobilegeddon on their mobile device, and you were consistently the third business they saw. Business was good, you were able to buy exotic plants. Fast forward to after the Google update. If your website wasn't mobile friendly, there's a good chance that you would not be in the same spot in a Google search and your business may not be on the first page of a search altogether. Business could slow down, and you could be left with a Bamboo plant that just won't live, no matter how much you water and care you give.

mobile websites

But I Can See MY Website Just FINE

Are you ever using your phone or tablet when browsing the web, or just for a general search? Do you get frustrated when you have to squeeze your fingers together to get the screen to get bigger, but then it gets too big, and the buttons on the site are always too hard to press, because your fingers are not dainty pen points? And you leave the site thinking, that was a terrible experience.

You don't want that for your website. Google doesn't want that for your website. We really don't want that for your website. Having a mobile-friendly website is absolutely essential in today's market. Not having a responsive website that can make viewing easy across all devices just puts you at a disadvantage. Especially when the typical American consumer spends 7 out of 8 minutes of their entire media consumption on a mobile device.

How Do I Know If I'm Affected? 

Google has a great tool for you to just plug in your website, and they'll do an analysis to see if your site is mobile-friendly.

mobile websites

If you fit all the criteria, you've survived mobilegeddon. If you've been found vulnerable, we've got you covered. We have fully responsive website designs that can fit any budget. Whether you want the power and features associated with out Fission CMS, or a leaner and meaner 360 CMS, we'll make sure your website is fully responsive for any device, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

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