Is Your Website Buyer Ready?

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One of the toughest challenges facing most businesses is how to get people to see their product. It's becoming harder to get people to become ready to buy who are on the fence. With so many options out there, it's hard to get your product out in front. The harsh reality is that only about 3% of customers who visit your site are actually going to move to buy from you. Why is it that we're seeing less buying despite people visiting your website?

One of the big problems is that websites are not designed for customers at different stages of the buying cycle. You have to understanding why customers didn't buy, figure out what might convince them to buy, and make sure they return to buy to get customers to move closer to buying in. Not capitalizing on these customers (97%) will leave you out of the buying cycle, where customers will probably leave or not make a decision.

optimize buying cycle

So What Steps Can I Take?

Step 1. 

Understand what your customers' needs are. Be ready to provide information for customers who have questions, and a solution for their problems. Start with addressing some common problems that people who use your product have, and how you can help them overcome that problem. This is important in determining your customers' needs.

Step 2.

Provide options. No doubt your customers will be looking elsewhere to compare products and services to yours to see how you stack up. Develop packages that will meet their needs. Understand your competition and make sure that you stand out.

Step 3.

Justify your product. Explain why your product is the best for them at this particular time. This is the point in which most businesses either get or lose the sale, so you need to make your best case. Make sure your customer fully understands the features and benefits of your product, and how you stand out from the pack.

Step 4.

Streamline the process of going from questions to decisions. Is it easy to buy on your website?  Not capitalizing at this point would be tough, considering all of the work you put in. Make your website as efficient as possible at getting people to buy in.

Step 5. 

Keep providing great service and support. Word of mouth travels, and a great product speaks for itself. Having success stories, or customer testimonials will help at any stage in the buying cycle, and contribute to your success.

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