Why An SSL Certificate Is Important For Your Website


Have you ever visited a website and the URL bar displayed a “Not Secure” warning? It’s a little off-putting, that’s for sure. Especially if you plan on entering any sort of personal information. Websites use either HTTP or HTTPS to transfer information, with HTTPS using something called SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer. While most websites have made the switch to HTTPS to secure their site visitors’ information, there are still plenty of unsecured sites on the internet. 

If you’re using a major web browser, you’ll see either a green or gray lock symbol or the word “Secure” next to the URL of this page. What does it all mean? Google flags websites that aren’t SSL encrypted because we use the internet for all sorts of things, specifically selling and buying. To protect our information, Google flags websites that are not secure. 

How Does An SSL Certificate Work?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. The job of the link is to make sure all data traveling through the server and browser stays private. Without the certificate, a secure connection cannot take place; this means your website will not be able to protect visitor information from scammers and hackers. That doesn’t sound very inviting!

A website with SSL encryption will:

Encrypt private information

Just like you’d hide your pin code from others at the ATM or lower your voice when sharing your SSN with a bank teller, you want the information you share on the internet to be as safe as possible. Information shared on the internet passes through many places to get to its destination. To avoid that data leaking, a secure website will prevent others from reading that information until it reaches the intended server. 

Protect from cybercriminals

Hackers know a lot about accessing personal information. Before it reaches its intended location, hackers will steal data moving in between servers. Pretty creative, right? Fortunately, SSL encryption stops this by blocking transit-based cyber attacks. 

Make your website more trustworthy

Most people visiting a website won’t put their personal information into a form if it’s not secure. Thanks to Google, it’ll warn visitors with a symbol or “Not Secure” message. We want the internet to be a safer place! And so does your website visitors. To build brand trust, a secure website is a necessity. 

Help your website rank on Google

Google gives websites using HTTPS much more authority in its search engine results. Plain and simple, switching to a secure website can boost your rankings. When Google is upfront about what helps your website rank… you listen!

Making The Switch To A More Secure Website

It’s safe to say that users are more likely to trust a website that indicates security measures are in place. If you haven’t made the switch to HTTPS, or have questions about an SSL Certificate, our web experts at 360 PSG have a seamless method of implementing it for you. We can make the internet a safer place together--just let us know

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