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Leverage LinkedIn advertising to connect your brand with professionals and C-level executives to build lasting business relationships.

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LinkedIn Marketing with 360 PSG


A LinkedIn campaign effectively targets professionals to ensure a high return on your investment. When compared to other forms of digital marketing, LinkedIn advertising has the advantage to leverage the largest collection of influencers online. A successful LinkedIn advertising campaign puts you in front of the right people and we can tailor your campaign to fit any of your business goals.

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LinkedIn Advertising Benefits

Kick start your digital marketing in order to:


Target Your Market

Find your ultimate audience by narrowing down demographics, interests and hobbies to ensure you're reaching the right people.


Drive Traffic To Your Site

Build buzz and excitement for your brand and drive customers to your website where they can view your full story.


Boost Your SEO

Complement all of your search engine optimization efforts and make sure your business is ranking properly.


Generate New Leads

Continue to add customers to your sales funnel and keep your business growing with a continuous stream of new prospects.


Increase Sales

Keep your business top-of-mind for customers that are ready to buy and experience high conversion rates.


Raise Brand Awareness

Broadcast your brand and maintain a strong digital presence across all platforms.

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Make Sure Your Ad is Seen By Professionals

Text Advertising

Build your own custom audience from the ground up. Zero in on your ideal audience by picking a location to target, selecting an age or gender, picking up key demographic features like education, income, occupation, business sector and interests like fitness, food, shopping and many more.

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Target current customers by securely uploading email and phone numbers. Additionally, create a list of people who visited your website, viewed specific pages or create a list of people who have taken a specific action. If you want to create multiple touch points for a sale, then this is the option for you.

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Take Charge of Your Digital Advertising

Stay Ahead of the Marketing Trends and Start Your Campaign Today!

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What to Expect With Our LinkedIn Advertising Services

Our unique approach to advertising is built to fit your business's needs. We build custom campaigns that align with your goals within an affordable budget. Here are some of the special features you can expect from our advertising services.

In Depth Competition Research

We research your competition and your industry to learn what makes your business unique, and develop a strategy to reach your business goals.

Precision Ad Targeting

Get your ad in front of the custom audience of your choice to ensure the best return on your investment.

Multiple Ads

Use multiple ads with unique design and copy to find the most effective way to get your message out! A-B test to get the right combination.


Get up-to-date reports on how well your ad is doing, and how to fine tune it until its performance matches your digital marketing goals.

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