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Published: Jun 9, 2020

Mike's Homemade Candies is one of Buffalo's oldest and most celebrated candy shops. With mouth-watering sweets like sponge candy and chocolate turtles, this Fission CMS website is sure to spark your sweet tooth. 



About the project

Mike's Homemade Candies was established in 1962, shortly after WWII. Mike had saved up his money until he was able to rent and buy used equipment and furnishings for a candy shop/ice cream parlor in Buffalo. To this day, Mike's Candies stands as one of Western New York's best chocolate shops, and is a must-visit destination for tourists. 

This custom design website was crafted to make every visitor tremble with temptation. An interactive home page helps lure in chocolate-lovers with pictures of the delectable treats that are almost daring you not to order them. A complete product page gives them a fully-functioning e-commerce storefront with the help of Fission CMS.