Published: Dec 23, 2020

Walkabout Action Counseling is a creative and expressive therapy experience that incorporates movement, action methods, and meditation. Their 360 CMS website brings that calmness to life in creating the first step toward your goals.



About the project

Walkabout Action Counseling specializes in experiential methods that get you outside within nature, parks, as well as indoor community resources in efforts to refocus your values to nurture your spirit, support meaningful relationships, and lead you to your own best solutions.

This themed 360 CMS website is designed with calmness and relaxation in mind. High-res nature photos and soft greens give the soothing feeling that Walkabout Action Counseling is all about. Their responsive design is easy to navigate with strong call-to-action buttons as well as a book now feature that leaves no guessing on how to make an appointment.