4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Blog

reasons to blog

A company blog hosted on your website is a great content strategy to improve search visibility, enhance branding and even generate leads. Is the effort to create engaging, relevant blogs worth it for business owners who simply don’t have the time or resources to produce it? The answer is, even the smallest of businesses can benefit from generating blog posts. In fact, in the past year, 53% of marketers have reported that blogging is a top priority for their inbound marketing strategy. If you’re on the fence about developing a content marketing strategy, here’s four reasons why you should include blogging:

Improved Optimization

Once you begin adding blog pages to your website, more pages from your domain will be indexed in search engines; over time, this will enhance organic search visibility and improve website traffic. Ranking for specific phrases like, “how to get rid of rodents” as a pest control company may be difficult, but having an influx of blog content with business-specific keywords and phrases will increase the chance for the business to rank for higher-converting, less common searches. Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are vital to digital marketing success in 2018. As you continue blogging, Google may begin to consider you as a resource for your industry, improving search visibility even more; adding to this are backlinks. Backlinks will improve your overall SEO by others linking to the content on your site from theirs. You can accomplish this by writing relevant content that people want to reference.

Better Branding

Any business can benefit from having a voice. Customers want to see a personal side to your brand, and blogging is a great method of doing so. Writing in an informal, fun way but making sure to stay relevant to your customers will build an audience of people interested in what your business has to say. Depending on your industry or blog series, the expertise you share will craft a voice of authority and knowledge that readers will seek for information. Blogging creates a platform to build trust and familiarity with your audience -- this leads to a lasting relationship of business-to-consumer (or business-to-business, depending on your industry).

Quality Content

You can’t have content marketing without the content. Marketers everywhere use blogs, social media and email to provide interesting ways for customers to connect with their brand on the web. Owned content, like blogs and websites, consist of visual creative, enticing copy and whatever a brand wants to get across to their consumers. Blogs are a huge part of content marketing, easily linking to a social media post or ad to distribute engaging content to different audiences. A diverse marketing strategy, blogging is adaptable per industry and can suit almost any brand voice. Including a trackable blog link in a social media post will not only provide your audience with strong brand content, it will produce measurable traffic to your website. More than ever, internet users want personable, informal content. Blogging does a great job of this while keeping business goals at the forefront.

Lead Generation

Each blog you write for your company should have some sort of call-to-action that directs your reader to a desired outcome (like a contact form); just remember that the purpose of the blog is to inform and connect, don’t make it too salesy. When done properly, blogs can attract and keep the interest of a variety of readers -- all with the possibility of turning into a lead or conversion. Your blog content needs to be strong and engaging for this to happen. If you’re writing a blog series that only touches on products or services, people aren’t going to care. Try thinking outside the box and writing about things they care about, or can learn from. Creating value in a blog is going to increase the chance of it generating leads. While quality is key, quantity will also improve lead generation. The more quality content you create, the more opportunities you will produce. If writing isn’t your thing, or content marketing makes your head hurt, we can help you build a strategy that works alongside your business objectives. Contact us to find out how you can strengthen your brand with our content services.

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