The 6 Reasons Why You Need a Blog

We're two months into 2016 and chances are there are some marketing resolutions you've slacked on - like starting a company blog. With 2016 being dubbed by many influencers as the year of content, it's time to jump on the bandwagon. The most successful companies all have blogs that they regularly contribute to. Don't believe us? This Forbes article breaks down the top 10 B2B blogs. If you're still not 100% sold on the benefits of a blog, we came up with 6 reason why you should spend time making one: 

1. Drives People to Your Website

A website is a huge asset to any company and getting traffic there is extremely important for business. If you're lacking on traffic, having a company blog is a guaranteed way to bring people to your site. Develop a regular schedule that people can count on. Remember: it will take time to attract regular viewers. But once you do, they'll become familiar with your site. By being constantly exposed to it, they'll begin to browse, find information and, hopefully, do business with you. For an extra push, always include a call-to-action at the bottom of each post. 

2. Expands Your Voice

A blog is another way to get your company's voice out there and for people to recognize that voice. You're limited in advertisements and social media, but a blog allows you to hash out your ideas and express thoughts on a topic in a cohesive manner. We're big advocates of the fact that a brand needs a personality in order for people to want to invest in it. Nothing is better for that than the written word; a blog allows you to take your time getting your points across - just don't ramble on too much! 

3. Gives You Something Else to Talk About

We all know those brands that do nothing but talk about themselves. We also know we'll do everything to avoid interacting with those companies. The most successful businesses are the ones that provide their clients with valuable information for free - initially. They do this through blogging. Having a blog allows you to express thoughts and opinions on any topic. But just remember - keep it industry-related. 

4. Works Cohesively with Social Media

Social media is the perfect way to publicize your new blog post. If you're not convinced, check out any popular bloggers on Instagram. Their profile is full of encouraging users to check out their newest post. Additionally, if you're scrambling for content on your social media calendar, push out your blog. With the right hashtags, it has the chance to reach an entirely new audience. Just make sure that your posts are not the only things you're pushing out, otherwise users will get bored with your social media account and will most likely avoid your blog.

5. Allows You Time to Research

Chances are that you won't be able to write a blog post without referencing some other information on the Internet. Don't think of the research as an extra step; instead think of it as a double edged sword. Not only are you collecting information for your new post, but you are also learning valuable information from industry executives. Industries are always changing, therefore it's always good to be knowledgeable on any advancements. As a bonus, you're expanding your knowledge on the topic and getting a leg up on the competition. That's a win-win in our book. 

6. Encourages Collaboration

As with social media, the blogging community is friendly and open to collaboration. Think about having a guest blogger take over your blog for a couple posts and you can do the same for them. This opens up you up to their audience and people you might not normally reach. The end goal is to convert some of those people into following your blog and eventually do business with them. 

Things to Remember:

  • Always Cite

  • If you use information from other articles or blog posts, always cite. Treat your blog post like a research paper or a newspaper article - credit the sources you used. Additionally, linking your audience to other articles and posts gives them additional information and exposure to things they might not have seen if it wasn't for your post. And they'll thank you for that. Trust us. 

  • It's Going to Take Time

  • Starting a blog, keeping up with it and seeing results are all a lot of hard work. Most of the time, it takes a while for business owners to see any dramatic results from their efforts. But that doesn't mean you should give up. As stated before, a blog gives a voice to your company. The more people come to understand your blog as a person, the more likely they will be to pay for a service. It might not give you leads right away, but it's guaranteed to convert people once it gets up and running. 

  • It Gets Easier

  • You might be thinking, "how am I ever going to have enough topics to talk about?" It's a new blogger's biggest fear - running out of content. But once you start writing on a consistent basis, the topics just come to you. If you're having some trouble, always use the Internet. Find out what others are saying about an issue and use that information to construct your own post. Search publications, hashtags on social media and Google to find relevant topics. Once you get a routine, it really just becomes another aspect of the job.

  • Have Fun With It

  • A blog should be something fun that your company or business can experiment with. Don't think of it as a burden; think of it as another way to open up that line of communication between you and clients, by providing them information they need. Don't be afraid to experiment with post types, like including infographics and video. Find what works best for your audience.

    While starting a blog can be a big undertaking, it's something that all successful digital marketers use - and something customers look out for. Despite the amount of work that goes into blogging, it's a great asset to any company. Find a schedule that works for you, research and get writing. 

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