5 Ways to Connect Through Content

Whether you're developing social media or blog posts, or doing a full scale redesign for your website, your approach to content is one of the most importants parts of the process. Having quality content helps your marketing in so many ways. A good flow of content informs the design of a new website, and makes for the best possible user experience. Good content also creates trust, ensuring that visitors will return to your website because you provide value. It's important to not only be informative with your content but to also have your audience connect to your words. You want readers to feel emotionally invested in your work because that's when the magic happens. But if you don't consider yourself a writer, it's easier said than done. So how do you make your readers connect with your words? Maybe you've tried in the past and just haven't found the right formula. We're here to share our tips and how to keep readers keep coming back:

Find Your Voice and Direction:

As with anything, your company needs to be sure of itself. Part of what makes people connect to a piece of writing is the tone it gives off.  So before you begin writing, it's important to establish your voice. What do you want yours to sound like? Is it informative? Serious? Light hearted? Helpful? It all depends on your business plan and how you want people to think of your company. Make sure the voice you use helps convey those feelings you're trying to tap into. If you're confused then your readers will be, too. Having a consistent content strategy helps you remain focused on your goals. If you're unsure, a great tactic is to picture your company as a person. What do they look like? How do they talk? What do they wear? Give your business a personality and it will be that much easier to write content and provide useful information as that persona.

Keep It Interesting and Make It About Them:

Everyone loves a good story, right? Think about any book or article that you've read and really enjoyed. Chances are you connected in some way with it, whether it was mentally or emotionally. You may have had a similar experience as a character. Take that tactic and use it for your audience! Give them an experience with your words and paint a picture. Additionally, if readers are looking for information, they are looking to gain something for themselves. Whatever type of advice they're looking to receive, it's important to fulfill that need for them. So make it about them. Give them tips, tricks, tidbits and anything else they may be hungry for. 

Build a Relationship with Readers:

Part of what keeps readers coming back is because of the relationship you build with them. Treat them like people and not anonymous faces behind a screen. Give them valuable information, not just fluff. Content is another way to foster your customer service. Readers are more likely to keep coming back to a company they know and trust. If you can build up a relationship, you'll be building a loyal fan base as well. Once those readers feel appreciated and trusted, they'll share your information with others and hopefully bring in some new customers along the way. 

Be a Realiable Source:

It's hard to not turn everything into a sale but if you're looking to really utitlize your writing efforts, it's important to be more than just a constant sales pitch. If someone is coming to check out a piece of content put out by a company, they're usually searching for information. If all you ever talk about is your company, that information isn't useful to them and they'll be on their way, in search of another source that fits their need. What you want to strive for is to be a leader in your industry - at least have the knowledge of changes and current events. Be a source they can count on to have the updates. If they realize they can trust you and trust the information you give them, then they'll be more likely to do business. 

Always Put Out Your Best Work:

This seems like a no-brainer, but it's really something to take to heart. Putting effort into your content is important because you can experience a lot of great results. Don't treat it as something you just need to get done by a certain day of the week. Actually put time and effort into it; plan out what you want to say, get it all down, edit and add some graphics to spice it up. There are a million resources on the web that potential clients you're trying to reach could go to. Give them a reason to choose you.

Connections are vital to a business and building relaltionships are key to happy clients. If you're looking for another way to connect with them, try it through content. The more you attention you pay to creating exceptional content, the better potential clients you'lll draw in and keep around. 

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