Is Digital Advertising King?

digital advertisingYou'd be hard pressed to find anyone these days that's not connected to the digital world in some way. We're in a like-happy, tweeting, netflixing, googling golden age where being connected keeps us engaged 24/7. It's an era where we can interact with other people in real-time, and communication is so easy, you could be talking to someone in New York from Alaska with ease.

Where is Everyone? With so many people switching to digital mediums for business, and for entertainment, traditional outlets have had to re-adjust on the fly. Television viewership is down because online streaming applications give you more flexibility without the cost of cable. Print outlets are trying to transition to more digital friendly viewing, and moving subscribers online. Understanding that being primed for a digital market is important for any business. How many times do you look for restaurants, or movie reviews, or look for a plumber online? It pays to be visible, and it's important to be there to stay relevant. So with so more people having a digital presence, it would make sense that businesses and advertisers would want to get in front of these people where they are the most engaged. The possibility of better sales leads and more return for your investment are high, and you'll be in a better position to move forward.

So Abandon Ship? By no means should you abandon traditional advertising outlets, because there is still a strong presence on television and in print. Many people still get good sales leads from the phone book, and don't just use it as a door stop. Having a balanced approach to your advertising is important, and necessary. Find out where people are trying to find you, and that's where you should invest your advertising dollars. Having some sort of digital presence though, will only benefit you and give you leverage for the future of advertising.

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