Google Update - How Does It Affect You

What is the Google Update?

Google is constantly trying to make searches easier, and wants to make the best websites, with the best content, stand out. So the worst kept secret in this blog is that this update is called Google "Panda". Google Panda Updates weed out websites that have low quality content. 

What's considered low quality? Let's say you devoted some time to building up your website, back in the day, and you let it sit there for a while. Things got busy, you posted less and less new material. Maybe you posted a picture of your cat, and you're in the lawn care business. Maybe you thought you could double down and post the same thing twice. But it didn't matter, because when people searched "lawn care" on Google, there you were, seen first on the search. The Google "Panda" update would see that your website was not being kept up to date, and send you down in rankings.

Am I Affected?

You might say, who cares about Google rankings? My cat is beautiful and deserves to be featured. But, being ranked lower because of poor content can have a direct effect on the number of people actually getting to your website. If you are using the tools to track your website traffic, you'll see a sharp drop off in the number of people coming to your site. Is Google a jerk? Maybe. But they want to keep the best sites out there for customers to have a good experience, so staying up to date can be beneficial, especially when every dollar counts.

No Reason to Panic!

Google's new refresh will only affect about 2-3% of all searches, which is significantly lower than their previous panda roll outs. In addition, this recent refresh will be rolled out over the course of several months, so its immediate impacts will be very minimal.

Staying aware of these changes, however, can put you ahead of the game, and keep your website in good standing. Avoiding these "updates" with quality, updated content is always an important part of keeping you selling and keeping your business thriving. 360 PSG has the tools available to audit and diagnose your website, and keep you ahead of the curve.

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