Rope In Leads With A Comprehensive Optimization Approach

If you have seen any of the Indiana Jones movies you will likely notice the recurring theme. Indiana Jones is tasked with finding some long lost artifact by following a series of clues. In Indiana's case, the quest is often complex, but once he finds the location of the artifact in question he usually knows what to do.


In terms of website optimization, there are some parallels to an Indiana Jones adventure. Your clients are searching for the answer to a query, and are ultimately hoping to find the Holy Grail of products or services at the end of their web journey.


Unfortunately, the end of that journey could lead to a disastrous outcome, as was the case when Elsa handed Donovan the wrong chalice in "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade," which ended with Donovan turning into dust after he drank from it.  


Search Engine Optimization Alone Is Not Enough


The lesson we can all learn from Donovan when he and Elsa "chose poorly" is that leading someone to your website is only part of the process. Once your prospects arrive, they should not have to dig through a series of clues to figure out how to find the Holy Grail.


One of the key indicators that your site may be confusing to visitors is the lack of conversions in spite of an influx of web traffic. All too often this is the case with many agencies that solely focus on rankings and say they are "optimizing" your website.


A full scale optimization campaign should include looking at every aspect of your website from a user's perspective. If a potential lead comes to your website and it lacks a clear call-to-action, has a complicated menu structure, unresponsive images or broken links - they may leave and end up converting on a competitor's site. Simply put, when visitors get to your site they should be able to find what they are looking for quickly, regardless of the type of device they are using.


Optimizing for User Experience and Conversions


The concept is simple, and yet it may be the most overlooked component of an optimization program - when a visitor arrives at your site, it should be obvious what the choices are and where to find them so that the visit will not result in your prospect turning to "dust."


To accomplish this you need a design that works in concert with your digital marketing initiative. That includes a modern and responsive design that will balance aesthetics with functionality across all types of devices.


Much like the iconic scene at the end of Indiana Jones 3, Elsa is drawn to an elaborate chalice, while Indiana Jones knows that the simpler cup is the genuine Grail. So while your site's visitors may be attracted to your complex and fancy looking website design, in the end they may opt for a competitor's site, which may not look as nice, but has a better user experience.


Choosing Well


The takeaway is this: we live in an age where people are impatient and do not want to deal with any extra steps in order to obtain what they want. When they put in a search term they have come to expect results and if they click on your site and are faced with a confusion they will likely not convert.


If you are listening to agencies telling you how great your rankings are and how well they have "optimized" your site, and yet you are not seeing a return on your investment, it may be time to work with an agency that sees the big picture. When prospects arrive to your site they need to choose well or you may see the money you are spending on optimization turn to dust.


Interested in optimizing your website to become a treasure worth finding? Contact 360 PSG to get started on your campaign today!

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