"We have cut our printing costs in half by being able to have all of our information on our site including our catalog, flyers, schematics, etc. That has helped our customers find the information they need quickly. We have seen our internet sales increase due to better traffic from Google and other engines..."
Kameron Krier
Graphic Designer

"We have gotten great responses from our friends and family, and have been told that the website does reflect our firm's mission. The post launch support has been helpful. At this point, we're not sure what other services we may add, but we look forward to a successful future with 360."
Amanda Jordan

"360 PSG was the ideal choice because they were able to integrate the new look and feel of our brand while delivering a well structured, SEO friendly website that we could manage ourselves."
Chris Kozlowski
IT Manager

"Prior to finding 360 PSG, I tried to develop our website with two other companies unsuccessfully. Over this haul, I came to realize that an e-commerce site is a little more detailed and challenging for programmers and it would require a team of talented and skilled individuals. I was somewhat concerned that 360 PSG's portfolio didn't include more e-com sites but I'm proud to have worked with them on mine and to add one to their extensive list of customers. They delivered."
Chris Stec
Vice President

"When it came time to establish our new web site, the designers at 360 PSG met with me, listened to what I was saying and gave me exactly what I was looking for - even though I may not have known it at the time. The site was visually striking, extremely functional and very intuitive for me to work with."
Jeff Mendola
Director of Development & External Affairs

"Overall we are very pleased with our decision to go with 360 PSG and the Fission CMS. Because of how positive the experience we decided to change to 360 PSG for our monthly SEO services as well as are looking at possibly having another of our sister company websites built on the same platform next year. Thanks again for the excellent service!"
Elliott Harrell
Marketing Director

"Ultimately, we are very satisfied with 360 PSG, and we've recommended your company to others. We look forward to working with you in the future to create a better workflow and better results for all involved."
Joshua Maloni
Entertainment Editor

"We have been with 360 PSG for years and knew that when we needed an update, they were the company with which we wanted to stay."
Candice Fletcher
Development Director

"The site's post launch results have been great. I requested a couple of small technical changes and they were made, without charge. When I call tech support I go straight to the help I need. Tech support and the front office support is excellent!"
Charles N. Appleton

"The 360 support team is one of the best we've had the pleasure of working with and always gets us what we need and fixes any issues that we have with a speed not common in their industry. We plan on continuing to work with 360 PSG as our business and our website grows."
Paul Pellitieri
Online Sales Manager

"The whole redesign process went very smoothly - the time line for completion was right on target. Our goal is to utilize our website as a vital part of our marketing strategy and the redesign was the critical first step. Thanks very much 360 PSG for a job well done!"
Richard Emmerick
VP Sales & Marketing

"We were proud to be recognized by the New York State Economic Development Council (NYEDC) at their annual meeting on May 26th where amongst other awards, the ECIDA took home the Certificate of Excellence award for our website."
Brian Krygier
Systems Analyst

"The website is exactly what we envisioned it to be. 360 helped us with the process and kept us updated during the entire process. Whether it was the design or development side of 360, all of the people involved in the creation of our site were highly professional, innovative, supportive and clearly experts in the field."
Steven J. Harvey
Executive Director

"Using the Fission software offered by 360 PSG was a major factor in choosing this web design company. Our old site required an outside vendor to make updates and changes so being in charge of our changes & updates was a major selling point. Knowing, at the end of the project, that a group of users would be trained on the software was also a selling point."
Susan Costanza

"The [website] not only met Westmatic's original vision, but exceeded our expectations. The CMS is extremely user-friendly, and I've felt confident using it from day one."
Steve Wawro
Key Account Manager

"The service and value of our investment with 360PSG has been unmatched. 'm extremely happy we are working together and think the relationship will continue for the foreseeable future."
Jeff Ross
Board Member

"I have had nothing but compliments on the site in terms of overall look, content, navigability and user friendliness. I feel proud to direct someone to my site...it pre-sells prospects before we even sit down to talk about a consulting project!"
Rick Dean

"360 has the ability to simplify complex build elements and find creative and simple solutions to the inevitable issues that arise with the construction of a new website."
Andrew Schwartz
Marketing Manager

"Our old website never produced the results that we are seeing from the new site. The money that we invested into the new site paid off within weeks!"
James Krier
Sales Executive

"For a long time our company has desired to be more competitive on the web but what we lacked was the right partner to get us there. 360 PSG offered us not only the design prowess we were seeking but also the tools to make us competitive in Search Engine Optimization and in organic search results."
Kevin Pish
Marketing Manager

"We are thrilled with our site - the most common comment I receive is that it is easy to navigate and that it looks professional."
Sharon Myers
Exec. Dir. of Development & Marketing

"I wanted something that looked great, would help me drive traffic to the site and ultimately turn into sales, while also being able to make quick changes myself. 360 PSG helped me accomplish all of my goals."
Jennifer Kuhn
VP of Operations and Marketing

"I chose Joel and the 360 PSG crew after meeting them at a networking function. Having worked with other providers in the past, I knew these guys knew exactly what I had in mind and how to get it done."
David Desmarais
General Sales Manager

"The website has everything that I was looking for as far as functionality goes and ease of use. I think your team has been able to give a lot of input as far as making it very easy for my customers to use it. So I'm very satisfied with that."
Carolin Soldo

"Basically, we came to 360 PSG because we were having so much trouble getting our site updated using other resources. [Fission] is great because you can see changes instantaneously."
Vivian Cosentino
Community Relations Coordinator

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