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When you have an amazing product or a great service, you need to let people know about it⁠—by advertising. But what steps are actually involved in creating a comprehensive advertising plan? There are three main components to the process: developing, executing and evaluating. Through a series of blogs, we are going to explore each of the three components, and break them down, hopefully demystifying the process a bit. We’ll start with developing the advertising program, which itself has six major facets: identifying the target audience, specifying advertising objectives, setting the advertising budget, designing the advertisement, choosing the medium, and scheduling the advertising.

Today is National Give Something Away Day—and 360 PSG is giving away some free advice as to why YOU should give stuff away too, specifically content. It might seem counterintuitive to give anything away, especially when you’re in the business of selling. But giving away content helps potential customers make connections between what they care about and how your company can meet their needs. Free content is an important part of the marketing funnel because it helps convert potential customers into paying customers. In fact, most qualified leads are generated because of free content. 

Countless scams lurk in the shadows of the web. While they present themselves in many forms, each one uses deception as a means of getting what it needs from its victims. Even with the constant advancement of the internet and technology, the scams simply evolve and adapt. If you don’t see some of them coming, it might be too late by the time you realize what’s happened. Knowledge is always your best line of defense. Equip your brain with the proper tools, and scams don’t stand a chance. Here are five trending scams that you should be aware of.

The execution of an advertising program consists of pretesting copy and then actually carrying out the campaign. Marketing professionals spend significant time comparing and evaluating different potential campaigns to find the most effective option. This evaluation is done both pre- and post–launch to help fine tune the small differences that can have large results when it comes to generating leads and making sales.