Dialing Back: Content Architecture, Modern Design Trends & Usability Workshop

It was a full house at 360 PSG this week for our Content Architecture, Modern Design Trends & Usability Workshop. Focusing on the importance of content and design in today’s digital world, our Dr. of Creative and Dr. of Operations, Jessa and Dan, presented what they believe a website needs in order to perform. While we’ve recently held Google Partner Events at our offices, this workshop was 360 PSG born and raised! This gave us the opportunity to be ourselves and share the information our clients want, and need, to know about their websites.

When 59% of consumers globally would rather engage with content that’s beautifully designed as opposed to simply designed -- even when short on time, it matters. The content architecture and usability of your website must have a creative (and strategic) approach. In the design portion of our workshop, Jessa spoke about deciding what design trends are right for your business. The content architecture and design style affect user experience; this can either benefit or worsen visitor engagement. It’s important to know what works for your brand, but also what works for the website’s business objectives.

If you’re creating a website from scratch, or auditing the current content for a redesign, one of the first steps in creating a successful website is to organize your content with a clear sitemap. This allows your visitors to easily navigate the website and find the information that they’re looking for. During the content architecture presentation, Dan discussed the processes for creating a sound layout of content.

Thank you to all who attended our workshop! Our team always has a blast when we get the chance to educate and connect with our clients.

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