Increase Your Lead Volume and Improve Your Bottom Line

When running a small business with a tight budget, it’s easy to find places where you can cut spending. Marketing can fall under the chopping block, looking like a waste of resources and an unneeded expense.

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Marketing is the secret to gaining and maintaining customers as well as improving your bottom line.

5 Key Benefits of Marketing:

  1. Generates awareness of your company
  2. Attracts new customers
  3. Helps retain existing customers
  4. Helps you standout from your competitors
  5. Increases your sales and revenue

With a regular review, you’ll be able to see a tangible increase and notice the return on the investment for yourself.

1. Generates Awareness of Your Company

Before someone can become a paying customer, they need to have heard of your business. Putting some energy into marketing allows you to create a recognizable brand name that people can trust.

When people can see your brand regularly, they’ll be more likely to remember the name of your business when they’re in need of the services you offer.

2. Attracts New Customers

When searching Google for services that you offer, it comes down to your marketing efforts to turn people into paying customers. It’s marketing that brings people to your website, where they can find your phone number and schedule for your services.

3. Helps Retain Existing Customers

Once someone goes from person searching-the-internet-for-your-service, to lead, to customer, you can consider it a success. But you shouldn’t want it to end there. The most profit comes from repeat customers.

With some focused marketing efforts, you can retain customers and increase their average lifetime value. You can do this by:

  • Focus on customer service
  • Develop a loyalty program
  • Solicit customer feedback
  • Maintain customer relationships
  • Create an active community using social media

4. Helps You Stand out from the Competition

With a sea of similar products and services available, it’s essential that potential customers know what makes you different from your competitors. With marketing, you’ll be able to highlight what makes you unique in the marketplace and tell customers why they should choose you.

Additionally, investing in marketing will allow you to appear above your competitors in Google searches, where most people find different services they need.

5. Increases Your Sales and Revenue

Most importantly, marketing will lead to an increase in sales and revenue. You’ll see a clear return on your investment as you’re able to draw in more leads and sales. You’ll also be able to have higher-value sales, leading to an increase in revenue.

How You Can Grow Your Business on a Budget

To start investing, you don’t even have to commit a large budget to create a marketing plan. There are several simple strategies you can start with while still seeing a large return.

Top 3 Ways to Fill Up Your Pipeline on a Limited Budget

  1. Post on social media
  2. Improve your website
  3. Create and manage a Google Business Profile

Ready to Start Investing in Marketing and Close More Leads?

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