Published: Mar 24, 2020

716 Technology Group is a customer support service based in Buffalo, New York. Their ultimate goal is to not only sell technical support service, but to provide excellent technical support in customer service with timely execution. A website with Fission CMS helps them stay connected to their customers. 

About the project

716 Technology Group is dedicated to leveraging emerging technologies to provide the highest level of quality in technical services, customer service, and security. They practice fair and ethical treatment of all employees, and strong company values help keep operations running smoothly with satisfied customers. Services include Network Operations, System Operations, Business Solutions, Strategic Direction and more.

This brand new website was built with a custom design, featuring a lively and interactive home page with several modules of Call-to-Action content. Each of these offers visitors to the site options to learn more about services offered, keeping them interested and engaged. Customized buttons and moving icons show that this technology company has a technical website that well-represents their industry.