Published: May 18, 2020

Blue Dragon CBD is a top-of-the-line producer of CBD products. Each individual product is made with the highest-grade CBD on the market to ensure your safety and heal your pain. Fission CMS helps show that from tinctures to gummies, Blue Dragon can meet all of your CBD needs. 



About the project

Blue Dragon CBD has one mission: to provide you with the highest grade hemp cannabidiol (CBD) based products on the market. This company prides itself in having the cleanest hemp-derived products available at affordable prices. The goal is to educate customers on how cannabidiol works, because it's a safe alternative to prescription painkillers or other drugs.

Blue Dragon's website not only offers an e-commerce storefront to sell all of its products, but it helps to market them as well. This custom design has products startegically placed throughout the site, with crisp high-definition pictures to catch the user's attention. A customer testimonials component validates the company to any skeptics.