Published: Oct 8, 2020

Seat-Blox is a company that provides sport stadiums, college athletic arenas, concert venues, corporate office facilities, ​schools, churches and hospitals with "shields" that can be used to block off seats for social distancing purposes. The CDC recommends keeping six feet apart from one another, and Seat-Blox helps various venues do just that. Fission CMS showcases all their available products. 



About the project

Seat-Blox was founded to enhance the safety of venues across America in a post-COVID-19 world. Each shield is 16”x16”x1/8” and lightweight, durable and reusable. For your convenience, one size fits every seat, and will provide a safe, stylish method of limiting attendance. 

Seat-Blox is able to display their game-changing product on their new website, hosted by Fission CMS. This theme design features an e-commerce storefront, giving consumers the option of purchasing any of the prodcuts directly from the site. Calls-to-action throughout the website help inspire buying decisions, and the company's signature neon yellow is used for each interactive button.