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Flame Control's New Site Heats Up the Web

Fri, Oct 4th 2013 09:00 am
Flame Control launched their new website with 360 PSG, Inc.

Wrate Mechanical Services Gears Up for New Site Launch

Wed, Oct 2nd 2013 10:00 am
Wrate Mechanical Services recently launched its updated website with 360 PSG, Inc.

Choosing the Right Facebook Contest for Your Brand Page

Mon, Sep 30th 2013 01:00 pm
Earlier this month, Facebook made another drastic change to its terms of service. However, if you're a small business using the social network, it's probably one you will like. Since the implementation of business pages, Facebook has forbid running promotions directly on a page and required the use of a third party app for all contests. Yes, all of those "Like this post to win!" style contests were illegal, up until now.

How Americans are Using (or Not Using) the Internet in 2013

Wed, Sep 25th 2013 10:50 pm
Did you know that as of May 2013, 15% of American adults ages 18 and older do not use the internet or email? Or that 63% of adult cell owners now use their phones to go online? Two reports released this past month by the Pew Research Center share some important insights on adult internet usage in the United States.

Ciminelli Real Estate's Conventus Buffalo Website is Live

Tue, Sep 17th 2013 09:00 am
Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation launched their new website with 360 PSG, Inc.

How Effective is Your Email Newsletter?

Tue, Aug 27th 2013 08:35 am
It's no secret that offering value to your customers in the form of useful information is one of the best ways to initiate, build and solidify relationships. But, how do you continue, time after time, to make your newsletter stand out in your readers inbox and keep them engaged?

Operation Backbone's New Website is Live

Fri, Aug 23rd 2013 08:55 am
Operation Backbone launched their new website with 360 PSG, Inc.

Making the Most of Your Fission Support

Thu, Aug 22nd 2013 10:00 am
This month, instead of talking about news outside of 360 PSG, we'd like to draw your attention to some updates to our online support page that you may not be aware of. While you're still more than welcome to call us with questions or issues, we hope that these resources may be of assistance at times when we're not in the office or when you just want to learn something on your own. Let's start with the website.

HopeWest Unveils New Palliative Care Site

Mon, Aug 12th 2013 10:00 am
HopeWest, formerly Hospice & Palliative Care of Western Colorado, is a local nonprofit organization that offers many programs and services to help patients, families, and the communities understand and cope with the multiple issues that arise when facing illness, grief, and the end of life. HopeWest services 7000 square miles of western Colorado, with office locations in Grand Junction, Montrose, Delta and the Plateau Valley area.

360 PSG's Joel Colombo Named to 40 Under 40 List

Thu, Aug 8th 2013 01:00 pm
Congratulations to 360 PSG President, Joel Colombo, on being named to Buffalo Business First's 22nd annual 40 Under 40 list.

CCC of NY Launches New Site with 360 PSG

Wed, Jul 24th 2013 12:00 pm
The Commercial Collection Corporation of New York, Inc. launched its new website with 360 PSG.

What the heck is A/B Testing? The Basics.

Mon, Jul 22nd 2013 09:00 am
The Scenario: You have an attractive website that looks like and says exactly what you want it to, but you feel like your calls-to-action should be generating more leads and conversions than they currently are. You hypothesize that the wording or imagery may be off, but how can you know for sure? The solution is a process known as split testing.

How Colors Affect Purchases

Fri, Jul 19th 2013 11:00 am
While there are many factors that influence how and what consumers buy, 85% of shoppers point to color as a primary reason they buy a particular product. With that much importance placed on a single element of design, it's not surprising that it is often the primary focus of many discussions, marketing pieces, and white papers.

Cambria Corn Maze Joins the Web!

Wed, Jul 17th 2013 02:00 pm
The Cambria Corn Maze of Lockport, NY launched its new website with 360 PSG. is More Than Par for the Course

Wed, Jul 3rd 2013 10:00 am
Compass House recently launched with 360 PSG.

TJW Full Frame Photography Develops New Site with 360 PSG

Mon, Jul 1st 2013 02:00 pm
TJW Full Frame Photography launched its new website with 360 PSG.

STUDY: Top WordPress Plugins Vulnerable to Attack

Thu, Jun 27th 2013 12:00 pm
If you've had the opportunity to read any of our articles discussing Open Source vs. Enterprise content management, it's pretty clear which side we're on. One of the main reasons we advise non-web designers and developers not to choose Open Source technology is that it is susceptible to security vulnerabilities and often takes time to repair.

Facebook vs. Twitter, a Social Media Rivalry

Fri, Jun 21st 2013 12:00 pm
In a world consumed by social media, the ways in which we communicate are constantly changing and improving. The two largest social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, have spent the past several years perfecting their platforms, regularly updating their features in order to stay one step ahead in the game. In an effort to not be outdone, many of these features often overlap.

Global Concepts Charter School Unveils a New Site

Mon, Jun 17th 2013 08:00 pm
Global Concepts Charter School launched its new website with 360 Professional Services Group.

PBM Elder Law Goes Live on Fission CMS

Wed, Jun 12th 2013 10:00 am
PBM Elder Law recently launched its updated website with 360 PSG.

Pentecostal Temple Church Unveils New Site

Wed, Jun 5th 2013 09:15 am
Pentecostal Temple COGIC, based in Buffalo, New York, launched its new website with 360 Professional Services Group.

Penguin 2.0 Update

Wed, May 29th 2013 12:00 pm
Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing industry, filled with algorithm updates and best practices, used to keep SEOs from using spammy techniques to achieve better rankings.

Sealing Devices Seals the Deal on a New Site from 360 PSG

Thu, May 23rd 2013 11:00 am
Sealing Devices Inc. launched its new website with 360 PSG, Inc.

Open Source vs. Commercial (Closed) Software Pt. 1

Mon, May 20th 2013 12:00 pm
So you have probably heard the words "Open Source" and "Commercial Software" (sometimes called Closed Source or Proprietary Software), but many people do not know what the implications of choosing one over the other may be. We decided to take a few minutes and talk about some of the key pro's, con's, costs and concerns regarding the choices... so you know what you're getting into in the short term and sometimes more importantly, the long haul.

The High School Counselor Association of WNY Graduates to Fission CMS

Wed, May 15th 2013 09:15 am
The High School Counselor Association of Western New York launched its new website with 360 Professional Services Group.

Stay Alive HIV/AIDS Prevention Gets Online

Mon, May 13th 2013 08:30 am
The Stay Alive HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Program launched its new website with 360 Professional Services Group.

360 PSG Delivers a Polished New Site for VetGlaze

Fri, May 10th 2013 12:00 pm
VetGlaze, LLC launched its new website with 360 Professional Services Group.

The AMBER Consortium's New Site Goes Live

Thu, May 9th 2013 10:00 am
The AMBER Consortium launched its new website with 360 Professional Services Group.

E-Zoil's New Site is Firing on All Cylinders

Tue, May 7th 2013 09:00 am
E-Zoil Products recently launched its updated website with 360 Professional Services Group.

Artpark Launches 2013 Concert Schedule with a New Look

Mon, Apr 29th 2013 01:00 pm
Artpark recently announced their 2013 summer concert schedule, featuring acts such as MGMT, Billy Idol, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. As regular patrons know, this announcement is also accompanied with a fresh look for their website, bringing a bright, modern feel to the site while still capturing the outdoor atmosphere of Artpark.

So You Want to Accept Credit Cards Online?

Tue, Apr 23rd 2013 03:00 pm
Depending on what kind of organization you run, it may make sense to have an online payment option in place. But with so many choices available, how do you choose the right one?

CISPA... Round Two

Mon, Apr 22nd 2013 08:35 am
One year after its failed first attempt, the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is making headlines across the country. The U.S. House of Representatives once again approved the bill last week, 288 to 127, moving it along to the Senate, where the threat of a Presidential veto looms heavily.

Calling Smartphone Users! Mobile Phone Accessory Launches New Site

Fri, Apr 19th 2013 08:00 am
Mobile Phone Accessory Wholesale Online Store launched its new website with 360 Professional Services Group.

Bellizzi Tree Service Gets New Roots on the Web

Wed, Apr 17th 2013 12:00 pm
Bellizzi Tree Service launched its new website with 360 Professional Services Group.

Great Lakes Insurance Services Group Launches New Site

Fri, Apr 12th 2013 08:30 am
Great Lakes Insurance Services Group launched its new website with 360 Professional Services Group.

Titusville Area Hospital's Golf Fundraiser Site is a Hole-in-One!

Wed, Apr 10th 2013 11:00 am
The 26th Annual "Health Links" Golf Benefit for Titusville Area Hospital launched a new website for their annual fundraiser with 360 Professional Services Group.

Gorman Enterprises Fabricates New Website With 360 PSG

Mon, Apr 8th 2013 10:00 am
Gorman Enterprises launched its new website with 360 Professional Services Group.

Harbinger Processing Group Launches New Site With Online Bill Pay

Fri, Apr 5th 2013 09:15 am
Harbinger Processing Group launched their new website with 360 Professional Services Group.

Should You Have a Responsive Website?

Thu, Mar 28th 2013 08:00 am
First things first. For those of you who may not have heard about responsive design yet, allow us to explain. Simply put, a responsive website is a site that adjusts to a user's viewing device. Meaning that if you were to look at a responsive website on your computer, and then again on your phone or tablet, you would see the same site... even though they don't look exactly alike. Why does the phone or tablet view look different? Your website responds to information about the browser it's being viewed in and then arranges itself to better fit the smaller screen. Most often you'll notice a chance in navigation style and the width of the site (a desktop view is horizontal, while a phone has a single, vertical column).